Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pangkor Trip : Part 2

... Continued ...
*continuation from previous post, Pangkor Trip : Part 1

"Hi, do you want me to take your picture?"

Ai Ima and me were startled.

"Errrm yes, please" I said, passing him Ima's camera.

"1.. 2.. smilee.."


And this is the result. Ima's hands saying "Ouch!"

"Nah amek ni. Have a look at it and tell me if you want to take it over again" he said, passing me the camera.

"No, this is fine. Thanx"

"You know, you don't have to jump or climb a tree to get a nice picture". He gave us a sarcastic smile and did a 'monkey' act. OK, this guy had been obviously observing us - blame Ima for the jumping pose, please!

Then he had his hands playing around with his goggle.

Being shocked with everything that just happened, we just laughed hahahahaaa

"So, where are you coming from?"

"Me? I'm from Algeria... and I'm an author."

"Wow, that sounds nice"

"I write books about traveling and previously I was in the Borneo. I climbed up the Mount Ki...emm mount.."


"Yeah, Kinabalu with my 25kilos backpack" and again, he showed us how he carried his backpack with him and made a funny face. So comel la this fella. Haha. "I've been here in Pangkor for 4 days and I'm going back tomorrow bla bla bla". He told us soooo many things about the place. He showed us the owner of the operating stall, and even told us what he knew about the owner. Doing that way, he made us feel like we're foreigner and he's the local there (-_-)

And not long after that, he went back to his place and seconds after that, again, he came to us.

"Emm do you know where Algeria is?"

Oh noo, please Mr. Algeria, don't make us seem stupid. Believe me, Malaysians are not stupid. Malaysia is a developing country and we do learn Geography. It's just the 3 girls in front of you don't have much time to study the globe the atlas and all sorts (-.-)

"Is it in the west of Asia?" I gave my stupid guess and he shook his head. "Nope"

Please, I really need a thinking cap. I was like, being in a reality show brought to you live from Pangkor. The beach sands as the seat, the wide sea as the audience, the tree branch as the recording camera, the wave sound as the buzzer and having Ima and Ai as my rivals (-.-) Whattaa. I roughly know where America is, where France is, where the UK is, where Africa is, where Canada is, proficient with the Asian countries, but this Algeria, I only can imagine that it is somewhere between the west of Asia and the Europe (-.-) Sound dumb wasn't I?

He just laughed, and asked us to google for Algeria when we get back (-_-) Ok, no right answer this time. Stupido.

Next question he gave us was "Do you know which language do we use in Algeria?"

Ok, tadi tu Geo. Now you're giving us general knowledge pulak? Hmmmm.


"Emm emm" he gave a half nod and a half shake.

Then I went "Is it Arabic?", thinking that the answer must be either the 3 main world languages; English, Arabic and French.

"Yes! You get 10 marks for that." See? He was giving us questionnaires just to make us feel like being in a quiz show! That was funny. "In Algeria we speak Arabic, English, and also French bla bla bla"

Hearing the word french, I went "Danc, tu peux parler le francais?"; testing my long-time-no-practice french ie. dare to die.

He said "Ouiiii bien sur!" and some other things that I couldn't really understand the ascent (-.-) "Now tell me about yourself in french"

Mati aku! Sekarang soalan bahasa pulak!

"Je m'apple bla bla. J'ai vingt et un ans bla bla bla bla j'habite bla bla bla" waaaaaa sungguh menyesal memulakan perbualan dalam bahasa perancis itu. Huhu. Sangatlah sakit otak walaupun untuk mengeluarkan secebis perkataan basic perancis (-,-)

From that moment he knew that I can speak french, whenever we met, he would speak french with me. At that night, when Ai Ima and me were walking around the small town, we met him again. We were sitting by the road, and he came to us and said to me "Tell me what you did today in french"

To be continued...

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{lumut} said...

syg,i x bace entry ni sbb busy..=(

nak u tau...i indu u...tuh je,

oranglidi said...

hahaha... gile aa!!

pndai lu ckp francais..

wa dulu blajar jugak benda2 francais ni..

ingat x kita jumpa kat hari kebudayaan bahsa perancis dulu?

wa men petanque

oranglidi said...

tahun 2005 kalu x silap.. kt stf..

ikanriang said...

dah agak da. isokai dear :)

wa pegi jugaaak!
smapl perform choral speaking tym tu! :D
lumut pun pegi jugaaak!


oranglidi said...

o, yeke?

memang ingat smapl buat presentation tu.

tapi kenapa yang menari dan menyanyi malam tu masih dalam ingatan? hehehehe.. penangan budak2 skolah TKC rasenye.

(ha? si limut pegi jgak? xprasan. sbuk men petanque barangkali)

{lumut} said...

ko pergi ke kat stf time tuh?KAMi buat presentation choral speaking lah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha..keciknye dunie!

oranglidi said...

ha lumut.. wa pegi stf tu. tshirt je dah ilang.

ha, walaupun bahsa perancis wa macam cipan dan cilakak, cikgu bagi jugak wa pegi

(hadiah lulus DELF A1 dan A2) hihihi

ikanriang said...

hahaha. samela.
tapi kami tym tu belum amek A2 lagi rasenye.

takpela, wateva pun, salut! (^.^)

oranglidi said...

salut tu menda? heheh.

bonne nuit!