Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday with Kalamullah #2

Malaysian politics have driven somewhat 'confusion' to my youth life. I just hate how the media pulled and twist everything in 'their' own way and make the news to be directed to this one party. Frankly speaking I was sooo into politics when I was in high school but since this confusions struck, I became someone who neglects to read newspaper neither to watch news. I was like, wondering whether it was true that the other party was as unpleasant as they claimed. Why, does every news about the other party was always to be some sort of awful to be read, to be heard of. Why, why, why. There was so much WHYs back then.

I just hate the way a non-tabloid newspaper (mind you, it's a NON TABLOID!) put the famous sensational sex scandal as the news headline of the day, months ago. And to make it worse, the head news was put together with a super-big picture of the said scandal that makes anyone who sees the newspaper would 'WOWWW' and so did I! And after I gained back my rationale few seconds later, I questioned the credibility of the said non-tabloid newspaper.

'Has the newspaper editor died the night before?! That picture shouldn't be that big for the head news! It's such an eyesoooore! I have a15 year-old sister that might be reading this newspaper at her SCHOOL in her LIBRARY or even in her CLASSROOM! If I were a BM teacher who takes the newspaper as part of my teaching module daily, am I going to cancel the teaching plan for that day and just proceed with the rest? So if I were to cancel the plan, am I to say to my students? 'today we won't do any review on the newspaper as we have an inappropriate picture as the head news'. No this does not sound good. You tell me the right words.


Haiya the non tabloid newspaper.. who asked you to do that meh?

And yes, if you ask me which political party is the most perfect with zero corruption, 100% well managed etc, I can never give you the answer as to me, there will never be a CLEAN politics. Tell me if you find one, and I can guarantee that you're talking about politics in the Far-Far-Away-Land with the fairy godmother as the Prime Minister; 24/7 holding the magic wand killing all bad intentions all her fairy ministers have. What I'm saying here is, even an imaginative tale you create can never avoid negativity. Negativity; is just a part of life that makes you a better person when you manage them well.

Negative plus negative SURELY equals to negative. Negative plus positive MAY equal to positive, provided you have a relatively large positive. Now if you ask me which political party has the least negativity, I think I already have the answer. Well this is just mathematically two-cents of mine. Her her.

P/S : If you are a 'believer', you must prove your belief with your act. How can you claim yourself a 'believer' when you don't know that Allah prohibits fitnah? Even if your claims were true, how can you call yourself a 'believer' when you don't even know how Allah would reward you when you keep one's disgrace to yourself? How do I make you my leader when you don't have the qualities of a 'believer'? Answer me. I doubt you have the macro-qualities of a 'believer' when you don't even have these super-nano-micro qualities of a 'believer'.

How Time Flies

The first draft examination timetable is out. My papers would be on the 11th and 12th January. Ok, it's good that they do not clash with my final FDP presentation which will be on the 16th.  Had a glimpse at my desk calendar, and it marks 16th today, so tomorrow would be my last 30 days in UTP!

And I just can't believe this!!!!!!!

It feels like it was 12th January 2007 yesterday. And now it's almost 5 years ahead!

It feels like it was yesterday that I first stepped here; the isolated university in a not-so-cool  place. And now the cowboy town has its own KFC, Tesco, Secret Recipe and all!

It feels like it was yesterday that I had my education sponsorship interview, and now am looking forward for the career interview!

How fast the time flies!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bukan Aku Tak Cinta

Hari ini dalam sejarah. Dengan rasminya laptop aku ni tunjuk tanda-tanda ajal beliau.

Not now, baby. Not now.

Aku usap2 kepala beliau, sebagai pujukan untuk bertahan 38 hari lagi. Lepas tu kau nak manfus, pegi lah. Aku relakan. Tapi tidak dalam 38 hari ni, baby.

Jangan pergi.

Aku dan FDP masih perlukan kau lagi, duhai laptop. Apa tidak cukupkah ku tunjuk kesibukanku padamu untuk kau memahami situasiku sekarang?

Apa tidak cukup aku million-tasking kan kau untuk kerja aku? Ya, aku tahu aku kedengaran seperti kejam. Tapi tidakkah engkau tahu betapa sulitnya kehidupan aku kalau aku ada kau, tapi aku tak boleh buat multi-tasking? Apakah ertinya hidup bersama laptop yang cacat, tidak mampu multi-tasking?

Tolonglah duhai laptop, aku tak pasti kalau aku cakap guna mulut kau boleh faham. So aku taip bait-bait cinta ni supaya mudah tertusuk di kalbumu itu.

Tolong, duhai laptop. Bukan aku tak cinta.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Final Year Countdown

It is the 1st December today, and the calendar marks 45 days more to go to the end of the semester; the end of my study years. Going to kindergarten at 5, and after 18 years of non-stop schooling, I am now marking the final 45 days of the book-homework-assignments age! And after this, book-homework-assignments definition will have an absolute change in meaning in my next stage of life, insyaallah.

Can't wait for January 15 to come, and be home for good! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday with Kalamullah #1

Dah terbiasa untuk tengok blog orang yang kadang2 gunakan tajuk Wordless Wednesday untuk entry mereka. Aku nak buat sesuatu yang lain. Aku nak letak ayat Quran yang aku jumpa, yang macam best untuk direnungkan bersama. Perihal hidup seharian, akhlak, hukum etc. Sesama dapat manfaat, seronok kan :) Aku nak guna tajuk Friday with Kalamullah, ok tak? Kalau post Wordless Wednesday adalah pada hari Rabu, maka Friday with Kalamullah ni akan dipos on Jumaat. Ok kan? Her her. So this verse is gonna be the first;

"Dan jangan sekali-kali engkau mengatakan terhadap sesuatu 'Aku pasti melaukukan itu esok pagi', kecuali dengan (mengatakan) Insyaallah. Dan ingatlah kepada Tuhanmu apabila engkau lupa dan katakanlah, 'Mudah mudahan Tuhanku akan memberiku petunjuk kepadaku agar aku yang lebih dekat (kebenarannya) daripada ini'"

Al-Kahfi, 23-24

Moral : Marilah membiasakan lidah dengan Insyaallah untuk semua perkara, walaupun perkara yang 99.99% pasti :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Save the Monkey!

Yes. Am stealing seconds from the running-out time to let the world know that my mind is now half sound.

It's the 9th week but we're not even 50% completed with the FDP!

I don't even know what the heck I'm learning in ARS (Advanced Reservoir Simulation) class but the test will be on next Tuesday!

IKS (Islamic Knowledge and Sciences) project seems fun and interesting but how can I complete the project with the other 2 incomplete? :(

I just can't manage myself for this final semester! I am the crazy, running monkey now!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Field Development Project

This semester this FDP is a headache for me. Out of 4 phases of FDP, I'm responsible in handling one of the phases; reservoir engineering. SO much things to do, so much things to find with infinite uncertainties (mind you, we're dealing with subsurface. Nothing can be seen with bare eyes). And in spite of that, my team is blessed with a super-great supervisor, and of course that comes in a package with some other drawbacks. Workloads and workloads. And yes, insults once in a blue moon. But who would mind that for a perfection? Only loser does.

May Allah blessed me with exceptional strength and motivation to work this out for me and my team.

Source here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bloody Final Year

The ending is coming so close to you, and yet there are just so many things coming up to stop you. I would rather forever live my life in my junior years for the final-year-stress is just unbearable; and yet it's inevitable. Have to go through like it or not. Downpour and sunshine.

Well there's a saying no pain no gain. I know.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Alangkah Rugi

Alangkah rugi diri bila setelah beribu hari menghirup udara di bumi Tuhan baru mahu sibuk menyempurnakan solat wajib. Sempurnakan wudhu'nya, ruku'nya, sempurnakan sujudnya. Sempurnakan amalannya. Sempurnakan pakaiannya. Zakatnya. Hatinya.

Kemana perginya beribu hari sebelum tu, di saat orang lain sibuk mengejar ibadah sunat mereka.

Hidup tidak lama, esok belum tentu ada lagi. Hidup hanya berpegang kepada InsyaAllah seratus peratus.

Apalah makna menggembirakan hati sendiri sambil berpijak di atas tanah yang dipinjam, tanpa mempedulikan larangan Yang Memberi Pinjaman itu. Ke mana pergi rasa malu pada Yang Memberi Pinjaman. Hutang dengan-Nya keliling pinggang, tak rasa segan ke nak bawa hutang tu masuk tanah pula nanti? Kalau 'duit' tiada, apakah mampu untuk kita bayar hutang di bawah tanah tu nanti? Ish, malulah.

Haih. Sudah2 lah tu tidur atas tanah pinjaman. Takut nanti terjaga waktu malam pula. Sudah lewat untuk kerja.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Craving for Foods in Miri


And Hello.

And good evening.

Jam sekarang menunjukkan pukul 1.46 pagi. And I'm craving for Miri's food. Macam mana nak selesaikan? Hanya boleh berdoa dan berharap Allah bawakan kita semua makanan tu pagi esok atas meja di dapur. Kalau dapat mimpi makan makanan tu semua tu pun dah syukur sesangat dah. Barangkali malam ni boleh tukar doa tidur jadi "Ya Allah ya tuhanku, temukanlah aku dengan rezeki-Mu di Miri dalam bentuk makanan seperti Kinky Burger, lalapan ayam, mi kolok, mi jawa dan semua makanan yang tertulis dalam status fesbukku malam ini, dalam mimpiku. Amiin"

Semua makanan terimbau di benak pemikiran sampaikan saya tak tahu nak taip yang mana satu dulu. Maka hasilnya, orang yang baca status saya di atas sekadar suka2 will end up kasi respon macam ni :

Ha. Tengok. Lagi payah dari thermo kaaww. Padahal cakap pasal makanan je. Ni la akibatnya kalau banyak sangat benda yang mahu dilafazkan dalam satu nafas. Tapi serius, saya tak kisah jadi gemuk sebab makanan Miri. Malah, saki baki gemuk ni la yang buat saya makin nak datang Miri untuk mendapatkan makanannya sekarang. Kalau diberi peluang kedua untuk duduk di Miri, saya tak kisah! Hanya kerana makanannya, saya tak kisah (-__-) Saya nak cerita apa yang buat saya ketagih Miri, dalam bentuk makanan.

1) Kinky Burger

Sebenarnya nama gerai yang menghasilkan burger ni ialah Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen (KFCK). Tapi kami panggil Kinky burger for short. Keistimewaan burger di gerai ini ialah kerana sos dan burger patty buatan sendiri gerai tersebut yang jadi signature KFCK tu. Memang tak boleh lawan mana2 burger gerai lain yang pernah saya makan selama ni! Ini siriyussss tak tipu punya!

Aku stress level 27 sebab upload gambar macam ni dalam entry ni. Sebab aku post, tapi burger nya enggak ada depan mata (-___-)

Dan disebabkan terlalu kerap makan kinky burger, secara kebetulan satu petang tu wartawan Utusan datang untuk menemu ramah tuan gerai tersebut. Dan secara kebetulan juga, kami memang ajak memembe intern beramai2 petang tu. Maka wajah2 kami end up dengan bangganya dalam akhbar Utusan kerana kinky burger tu sebagai the only customer yang ada. Muka kau pernah masuk paper sebab makanan? Aku dah!! (angkat tangan tinggi2)

Full page punya story!

Klik sini untuk baca keratan akhbar tersebut. Tolonglah tengok!

Dan buat yang malas nak klik tu, ni gambar kami dalam artikel tersebut. Hihi :

Ni la aktiviti kami lepas balik ofis. Menggelupur cari makanan macam tak lunch tak breakfast. Memang dasar mutant hybrid ulara sawa campur dinoso.
Yang seronoknya, burger sini tak la mahal mana untuk kesedapan berganda tu. Sebiji burger lebih kurang RM5. Ya, agak mahal dari burger jalanan lain. Tapi sirius, kena rasa dulu baru boleh nilai RM5 ni berbaloi atau tidak!

2) Lalapan ayam.

Lalapan ayam kedai Muara boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai antara spesis2 makanan yang wajib dimakan kalau ke Miri. Yang buat lalapan ayam kat kedai ni paling sedap adalah sambal dia. Memang kalau kau kasi aku semangkuk sambal lalapan tu aku boleh kasi jilat sampai licin. Kalau boleh nak rendam tangan 7 hari 7 malam dalam sambal tu so that bau tu kekal lama kat tangan! Anytime aku rindu lalapan tu, aku boleh cium tangan aku n dannnng hilang rindu kat lalapan!

Sambal dia sangat2 la special. Kalau customer order baru dia buat dalam pinggan clay tu. Kiranya sambal tu memang fresh gilo la senang cakap. Memang takyah risau sambal tu basi ke hape ke. Kau serang je dapur kedai Muara tu, nanti kau nampak la pekerja tu dok melenyek bahan2 sambal tu dalam pinggan tu. Best kan? Anyway, harga sepinggan lalapan ayam dengan sepinggan nasi dengan semangkuk sup adalah RM8. Aku rasa RM8 tu berbaloi untuk makanan sesedap ini. A must-try! Mak abah aku yang pernah ke kedai Muara ni pun cakap lalapan ni terboek!

3) Buah terap

Orang semenanjung mesti pelik kalau aku sebut buah terap ni. Sebabnya, memang aku tak pernah jumpa buah terap kat semenanjung. Buah ni memang eksotik, payah nak jumpa, dan bermusim!

So inila buah terap. Sekali pandang macam buah cempedak, tapi isinya putih, lagi lembuttttt dari cempedak. Tapi, sirius aku cakap, rasanya sangat2 lah lain dengan cempedak atau nangka! Rasanya memang eksotik! Rasanya manis yang tidak keterlaluan, dan baunya, masyaallah! Rasa macam mau buat bantal tido je! Dan, cuba perhatikan kulit buah ni. Dia tak macam cempedak. Kalau cempedak/nangka kulit dia flat je kan.. tapi buah terap ni tak. Dia macam berduri, tapi tak tajam, dan lembut. Dari pemerhatian aku, 'duri' buah terap ni mampu berfungsi sebagai span yang super spongy sebab fizikalnya yang panjang dan ala2 elastik gitu. So, kalau jatuh dari pokok, takdelah efek isi buah tu. Subhanallah :)

Dan, kalau cempedak nangka bentuknya melonjong sikit, buah terap ni membulat je bentuknya :)

Dan alhamdulillah, aku dapat jugak la bawak balik buah terap ni ke semenanjung untuk family aku rasa. Aku bawak balik 2 biji. 1 untuk makcik aku, 1 lagi untuk rumah aku. Memang semua suka. Even makcik aku pun terkenang2 buah tu sampai sekarang. Insyaallah kalau ada rezeki lagi lepas ni untuk ke Miri, aku nak datang waktu musim buah ni so that aku dapat bawak balik lagi untuk family and makcik aku :)

Aku rasa aku dah penat menaip. Aku rasa lain kali aku tulis entry pasal makanan Miri. Nak buat tag baru pasal makanan Miri ni iaitu Miri : The Food. Sehingga berjumpa di lain entri! :)

P/S : Keputusan untuk duduk 8-bulan di Miri tak pernah aku kesalkan. Banyak benda aku belajar pasal hidup. Banyak ciptaan tuhan aku tengok. Dan aku bersyukur dijumpakan dengan makanan sesedap tu kat Miri. Macam mana pulak rasanya makanan kat syurga kan? Usaha lah supaya kita dapat makan makanan yang jauh lagi sedap di sana ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saya sayang emak saya

Rindu mak datang lagi.

Baru beberapa hari lepas jumpe mak.. malam ni nak balik, makin rindu :'( tengah lipat baju, tetibe teringat mak yang tak penah cuti dari jadi isteri abah n ibu kpd 5 anak. Mak saye surirumah setiap mase, die tak kenal erti MC. Tak kenal erti sakit. Malah tak kenal erti penat. Lepas mengadu penat, disambungnya kerja lagi. Dialah chef, dialah engineer, dialah segalanya. Dalam 22 tahun ni boleh kira dgn sebelah tangan kegagalan mak sediakan sahur utk family. Dialah wanita yg paling kuat bagi saya.

Saya sayangkan mak saya sangat2. Walau beliau bebel camne sekalipun, saya tetap sayang. Mana saya nak cari ganti kalau Allah ambil dia dari saya. Mak saya kuat. Mak saya hebat. Pintalah apa2, tak pernah dikata tidak, selagi mampu diberi. Pintalah baju, esok dibelinya kain, dijahitnya pula. Pintalah kuih yang guna daun pisang, hari tu juga dia cantas daun pisang, hari tu juga kuih yang dipinta siap. Pintalah kari ikan, lekas2 dicapai galah, ambil kelapa, diparutnya pula, diperah jadi santan. Bila masakannya kelihatan simple, dipinta pula maaf pada kita, padahal dia tak tahu girangnya hati kita makan lauk simple tu.

Kita ada duit, sibuk dia bertanya duit kita cukup atau tidak. Kita tiada duit, digesanya abah bank-in duit pada kita. Malam hari sebelum tidur dia mengadu dia sakit kaki, esok pagi kita tengok cergas pula dia buat itu ini. Nampak kita asyik dengan laptop, dipesannya kita jangan lengahkan solat. Waktu ekonomi meleset awal2 kahwin dulu, abah kene berenti kerja, mak yang ambil alih tempat abah. Mak buat kuih untuk dijual. Mak tak kisah, yang penting ade rezeki untuk diberi anak2.Fitnah yang mengaibkan ditabur macam2 dulu sewaktu zaman mudanya. Tapi dikentalkan hatinya, dipekakkan telinganya, dilaluinya semuanya dengan tabah. Kerana dia tahu, dia tak bersalah. Tapi sekarang, dia menjadi orang yang dihormati oleh pihak yang menuduhnya macam2 dulu.

Itulah mak saya. Zainon Bt Hassan. Wanita yang melahirkan saya, membesarkan saya. Insan yang perlu saya taat pada katanya. Hebat betul 'kuasa' seorang ibu. Begita juga hebat sikapnya. Mampukah saya jadi seperti mak nanti? Saya mahu, semoga Allah berikan saya kekuatan seperti ibu saya.

Update 13 October 2011:

28 likes. Kira kalau saya pergi dulu dari mak saya, 28 orang yang pernah baca status saya ni, tolong bagitau mak saya betapa saya sayang dia sangat2, dan tiada siapa boleh ambil tempat dia di hati saya.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Missing Miri

There were times in your life when you would keep looking to a point of your past as that point gave you the the best part of your life journey. Same goes to me, when it comes to my internship in Miri. How am I supposed to forget all the memories when...

The place no longer makes dogs a taboo for you..
-Kebun Ayah Sya, October 2010

You're visiting a new place just for the sake of new experience, but you end up having a photograph with Maher Zain..
-Masjid Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah, Brunei, July 2010

Your lecturer has been telling you about the nodding donkey in the class, but now you have the real machine working 5 meters from you..
-Brunei, July 2010

Your friends make a surprise birthday celebration while having breakfast at mamak's restaurant when jungle-trekking is the only thing that plays in your mind..
-Mamak restaurant, Bintulu, 27 November 2010

You're too excited to throw a surprise birthday celebration to someone close in the thick Borneo Rainforest, so you wrap the birthday cake with a non-see-through plastic..

Not knowing the waterfall you're heading to would take you an hour of ups and downs the hill.. So the SR Raspberry Cake you bought ends up melt in the box and left you with this..

But still, the mission is on.. So you take the ugly cake to the birthday girl who was having fun in the water (got this planned as well)..

..but unexpectedly, the birthday girl ends up happy with the surprise, and the ugly birthday cake as well! :)
-Athirah's birthday, Nibong waterfall, Lambir Hills National Park

When you have friends who can sing well (with a not-so-well facial expression while singing), who can sing not-so-well-but-quite-OK (haha), and play guitar well..

And you enjoy being the cameraman and director for the video clip..

When hiking is the only option that you have to entertain yourself..
-Dinding waterfall, Lambir Hills National Park

... but the friendships, and the green views that you have, are just worthwhile :)
-Dinding waterfall, Lambir Hills National Park

When you think that baling selipar is the best game; rather than your FB Cupcakes.
- Pantai Bungai, Bekenu

- Sarawak Shell 100 years Anniversary Celebration - Treasure Hunt dry run
When you and your team are instructed to build the highest replica of platform for the sake of completing a task in a treasure hunt contest, your team come up with this;

This one is SPAR anyway, replicating this;

Same tak? Haha

When you and your friends are convinced that part-time modelling is the best job for you, despite the other things you're really up to.
- Oil Spill Exercise, Pantai Lutong

When weekend outing is a must :)

And watching sunset with your friends is part of your weekend activity..
- Tanjung Lobang, Miri

And despite of all the workloads, the friendship is still there :)

Now tell me how I'm supposed to forget all these memories?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boleh ke?

Boleh ke kalau nak menangis sebab your lecturer indirectly says that you're not on a par with her expectation?

Boleh ke kalau nak menangis sebab someone rejected your idea and look down on you?

Boleh kalau nak menangis kalau you want to meet someone's expectation but you have limited resources bounded around you?

Boleh ke nak menangis kalau you feel like you have nothing inside you?

Boleh ke?

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New semester begins!

; with much disappointments.

The new semester is back; after a super-short, 10-day semester break. I just hate this new requirement that UTP has to follow for the sake of accreditation. It causes us the final year students to compact all 3 semesters in 12 months instead of 16! It can be simply said that we almost have no mid-sem break as all we've got was a 4-day break including Saturday and Sunday! I wish that you'd know how much I hate this accreditation thing; I wanna spend more time home with mak and abah. I hate the feeling when we're leaving home saying goodbye and promising that we'll be back soon :(

That was the first disappointment. Next comes the second.

Picture taken from here.

I love learning French, and my 4-year experience learning French during high school has never disappoint me but this time, I kinda wanna say 'I hate French' for this one reason :(

I failed to register in the course for my first attempt during my 3rd year as the slot was already full so I did the course registration much earlier this time and luckily, I managed to make myself in! However, as I stepped into the class, I was taken aback seeing a large crowd in the class and it was like 3/4 full! And it's not the seats that were 3/4 full, but its the space in the class! You had let someone to kiss your butt just to make your way to the empty seats! Erghhhh.

- At first I wondered if the large crowd truly managed to register themselves in the PRISM (our online database system for registration etc.) for the course and as far as I concern, it's only those who managed to register themselves in the PRISM will make their way to the course!

- But it's opposite for this course! The lecturer will only take in those who first signed up MANUALLY in the class by writing their name in the list distributed at the end of the class!

- And no one was aware of 'that' system as the lecturer post the announcement in the online portal where no one can access until the end of the first week of the semester!

- And seeing there were so may guys queuing, I just had some little patience for my turn and that makes my name to be among the last and not accepted to be in the class! :(

And that was only 30% of everything that demotivated me within this 3 weeks. Now I'm wishing for a rainbow waiting me ahead :(

Friday, May 27, 2011

New layout this time!

And after one year, I'm in love with this new layout for the facts that;

1) It's simple
Growing older you'll always love something simple. So I think to have a layout with an almost similar tone and less different shades suffice to be considered as 'simple'. I once had my first blog layout self-tailored to be very funky and colorful. And I don't think that I had many permanent reader back then for that reason. Then brown-obsession struck me last year, so I changed the layout to this one:

Quite simple, and no complicated navigation. I love that. Dark brown and pastel-pink was a such great combination, ain't it? :)

2) No fussy and big header
I don't much prefer the idea to have my readers to scroll down just to reach my first entry so this one best suits my preference. A unique font for the title is enough, no unnecessary image! :)

Last but not the least,

3) Self-tailored icon!
I've read an article about changing the blog icon long time ago, but didn't find the necessity to do so until I met this current layout! Am so in love with this theme, so I decided to make this blog to be more ME. So I came up with this;

Hehehe, nothing much. Just a 1 minute job using Paint :) Feel free to get the tutorial here. Easy-peasy one ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Year Project

Alhamdulillah, dipinjamkan lagi oksigen dan organ2 yang berfungsi dengan baik hari ini :)

Quite a long time since I last wrote, but to keep this beloved blog silent for months was never an option; there'd been just so many things coming up, and to watch Running Man was one of those :P But frankly, life doing final year is not something easy when it comes to Final Year Project. Yes, FYP.

My project is basically an experiment-based, testing two types of polymer as the drag reducing agent in water flow system. I'm currently doing major in Reservoir Engineering and to have a project on flow assurance are two non-parallel scopes. But I somehow can't help myself from liking and being enthusiastic in completing this project - though I'd lost track for quite many times, as I've put my best effort doing the preliminary research, and came out with a 100% self-dependent proposal myself!

BUT I'm quite demotivated when thinking that I have to fabricate my own experiment setup; getting the pump, the pipes, the beam and everything! But when I come to think that the current technology we're having now is made up of infinite research and EFFORT and PATIENCE and HEADACHES of other great researches, I just keep telling myself that this is my own responsibility to the industry; to at least initiate a research that can assist another researcher. Got what I meant?

Simply said that, I wanna be admired as much as I admire the people who wrote great research papers. Many of the papers I read talked about simple topics, but later I came to realize that their research is basically combining pieces of other research. And that combined pieces are what I'm impressed with now! Great writings with detailed analysis.

I just hope I can someday be like them.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Iffah Bt Suhaide


Kau berikan keindahan walau dalam kepahitan.


Tadi Kak Ida call. Cakap baby die dah selamat keluar. Baby perempuan :') Panjang sejengkal, cukup sifat dah. Subhanallah. Aku terkesima membayangkan ciptaan Tuhan sepanjang sejengkal, cukup sifat yang mendiami perut ibunya selama 5 bulan. Memang sengaja Allah menduga kami, agar kami sedar akan kebenaran ayat2-Nya dalam Al-Quran. Betapa berkuasanya Dia untuk mencipta dan mematikan. Betapa berkuasanya Dia mencipta sesuatu dari benda sekecil zarah, yang kemudiannya membesar menjadi sejengkal. Betapa kecilnya zarah itu, tapi mampu untuk membentuk sesuatu yang tak pernah mampu kita cipta dengan tangan sendiri. Subhanallah. Saiz sejengkal itu pun aku dah cukup terkesima.

Allah menarik Iffah dari kami bukan suka2 untuk beri kami kesedihan. Pasti ada sesuatu yang mahu disampaikan-Nya. Redha dan tabah, itulah yang mampu kami lakukan sekarang. Itu yang terbaik untuk Iffah. Terima kasih Ya Allah untuk pinjaman ini walau sementara. Jagakan Iffah untuk ibu dan ayahnya di sana :')

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bahagia itu datang :)

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih pada-Mu Ya Allah, di atas segala pemberian-Mu ini :)

Semenjak dua ni, terlalu banyak bahagia yang datang. TERLALU BANYAK, sampaikan aku lupa akan perkara2 yang selalunya aku sedihkan. Tak pernah rasa semacam ni. TAK PERNAH, TAK PERNAH.

Berita pasal kawan baik sekolah rendah bakal jadi ibu, kakak yang jadi teman gaduh waktu kecik2 nak jadi mak jugak dah, result internship yang ditunggu2 untuk meneutralkan CGPA aku, dapat duit claim dari event tahun lepas, dan malam ni, berita lain yang datang :)

Seorang sahabat sudah menemui kebahagiaan yang dirasakan dulu pernah hilang. Alhamdulillah :) Memang sangat bahagia :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fado Easy Vacation Theory

... or might be best called as Fado Float-for-a-Vacation Theory as well.

Coming back from Miri had give me this so-called 'gatal kaki' to be in some other new place. Malaysia is not bad anyway. Well to me, the satisfaction of going on a trip does not really depend on 'how far you went' neither 'how much you spent'. Any place that gives you any new experience does good enough for you to remember everything about the place; though the experience was quite a bitter one, being cheated by a taxi driver for instance.

Well I'm not writing today to talk about on vacation tips but this is more to nonsense. Scientifically nonsense.

This idea came up when I frequently fly months back, and reading the flight magazine is always the first option to escape the boredom but there were times when I forced myself too much to read, I ended up with nonsense in mind; and to be a flight attendant was one of it (-_-) But I had this ONE question that rushed in my thought, which I think was the most scientific among all (though it my seem stupid to you), was

Why do airplanes fly when all we know is the Earth is moving?

Won't we be 'left' by our destination that we're heading to?

Can we invent something like the typical airplanes, except that they don't fly (apekah?). They just float. So just let the Earth moves. And we wait. So logically, when you wait 12hours, you'll be somewhere 180degree (in longitudinal direction) away from the current location. And you'll be in your initial place if you wait 24 hours.


I'd just realized how nonsense this idea was as I neglected the gravity effect. Even if I were able to invent something that can help me to float, the gravity effect will always drag me together with the moving Earth. Simple.

Stupid idea this is, isn't it? But I need to record all this super stupid and insane idea of mine. Thanks for reading. And sorry if I waste your precious time, but this is 1 minute-reading entry anyway. I did consider your precious time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Pekot!

Aku rase motif blog aku sekarang ni hanyalah untuk wish birthday orang je. Tapi seriusli nafsu nak menulis datang bile ade birthday orang je. Maka segala catatan kehidupan yang lain selalu tergendala. Takpe, nanti2 ade lah update baru dalam blog ni macam dulu :)

I knew this one close friend of mine since high school. Sekali pandang memang macam sombong durjana (haha) tapi bak kata orang tua, tak kenal maka tak cinta :) Fakta yang paling menarik, aku tak pernah sekelas pun dengan die ni. Tapi entah macam mane boleh rapat. Mungkin sebab sama rumah sukan. Mungkin juga sebab aku selalu lepak kelas die dulu waktu form 2 sebab membe ketat JB ade kat kelas tu jugak. Mungkin jugak disebabkan perangai kami yang gila2. Mungkin jugak sebab subjek French. Ah macam2 lagi lah yang merapatkan kami.

Tadi aku gali2 album maya dalam laptop aku ni. Dan banyak gambar kami yang aku jumpa. Tapi kelakar, majoriti dalam gambar yang beramai-ramai, aku dengan die ni KONPEM dok sebelah2 je. Macam tak boleh pisah kan? Let's try tengok.

Bukti 1 : Waktu beraya, from 3 tak silap.

Bukti 2 : Beraya lagi. Tak sure ni konvoi raya yang sama dengan yang atas ataupun tak.

Bukti 3 : Waktu perform French choral speaking kat IPTC. Sweet memory..

Bukti 4 : Reunion sekolah. Sila bandingkan dengan gambar bawah.

Bukti 5 : Lepas tukar posisi pun mesti nak sebelah2 jugak!!! =D

Bukti 6 : Waktu support Linda untuk 30n3 tournament kat KLCC. Such a mini reu, tapi rase seronok sangat jumpe my loved ones :)

Bukti 7 : Gambar waktu Hari Kebudayaan Perancis. Dah gambar berdua, sah2 la mesti sebelah2 dok? :D Oh ye. Eiffel kat belakang tu ilusi optik je ye :)

Kami ni macam inseparable. Sekarang ni jauh2 pun slalu aje teringat kat die. Hari ni birthday die, sedih sikit tak dapat celeb birthday die. Takpe, the time will come soon ye sayang :) But here's a small gift from me, reminding you our 10 years story ;) Take a good care of yourself there, your loved ones here will never want to see you cry :)


Untuk menambahkan keceriaan hari anda, nah cari dalam gambar ni 2 benda yang ingatkan aku kat kau ;P Kalau jumpe dapat hadiah spesel ;)