Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday with Kalamullah #2

Malaysian politics have driven somewhat 'confusion' to my youth life. I just hate how the media pulled and twist everything in 'their' own way and make the news to be directed to this one party. Frankly speaking I was sooo into politics when I was in high school but since this confusions struck, I became someone who neglects to read newspaper neither to watch news. I was like, wondering whether it was true that the other party was as unpleasant as they claimed. Why, does every news about the other party was always to be some sort of awful to be read, to be heard of. Why, why, why. There was so much WHYs back then.

I just hate the way a non-tabloid newspaper (mind you, it's a NON TABLOID!) put the famous sensational sex scandal as the news headline of the day, months ago. And to make it worse, the head news was put together with a super-big picture of the said scandal that makes anyone who sees the newspaper would 'WOWWW' and so did I! And after I gained back my rationale few seconds later, I questioned the credibility of the said non-tabloid newspaper.

'Has the newspaper editor died the night before?! That picture shouldn't be that big for the head news! It's such an eyesoooore! I have a15 year-old sister that might be reading this newspaper at her SCHOOL in her LIBRARY or even in her CLASSROOM! If I were a BM teacher who takes the newspaper as part of my teaching module daily, am I going to cancel the teaching plan for that day and just proceed with the rest? So if I were to cancel the plan, am I to say to my students? 'today we won't do any review on the newspaper as we have an inappropriate picture as the head news'. No this does not sound good. You tell me the right words.


Haiya the non tabloid newspaper.. who asked you to do that meh?

And yes, if you ask me which political party is the most perfect with zero corruption, 100% well managed etc, I can never give you the answer as to me, there will never be a CLEAN politics. Tell me if you find one, and I can guarantee that you're talking about politics in the Far-Far-Away-Land with the fairy godmother as the Prime Minister; 24/7 holding the magic wand killing all bad intentions all her fairy ministers have. What I'm saying here is, even an imaginative tale you create can never avoid negativity. Negativity; is just a part of life that makes you a better person when you manage them well.

Negative plus negative SURELY equals to negative. Negative plus positive MAY equal to positive, provided you have a relatively large positive. Now if you ask me which political party has the least negativity, I think I already have the answer. Well this is just mathematically two-cents of mine. Her her.

P/S : If you are a 'believer', you must prove your belief with your act. How can you claim yourself a 'believer' when you don't know that Allah prohibits fitnah? Even if your claims were true, how can you call yourself a 'believer' when you don't even know how Allah would reward you when you keep one's disgrace to yourself? How do I make you my leader when you don't have the qualities of a 'believer'? Answer me. I doubt you have the macro-qualities of a 'believer' when you don't even have these super-nano-micro qualities of a 'believer'.

How Time Flies

The first draft examination timetable is out. My papers would be on the 11th and 12th January. Ok, it's good that they do not clash with my final FDP presentation which will be on the 16th.  Had a glimpse at my desk calendar, and it marks 16th today, so tomorrow would be my last 30 days in UTP!

And I just can't believe this!!!!!!!

It feels like it was 12th January 2007 yesterday. And now it's almost 5 years ahead!

It feels like it was yesterday that I first stepped here; the isolated university in a not-so-cool  place. And now the cowboy town has its own KFC, Tesco, Secret Recipe and all!

It feels like it was yesterday that I had my education sponsorship interview, and now am looking forward for the career interview!

How fast the time flies!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bukan Aku Tak Cinta

Hari ini dalam sejarah. Dengan rasminya laptop aku ni tunjuk tanda-tanda ajal beliau.

Not now, baby. Not now.

Aku usap2 kepala beliau, sebagai pujukan untuk bertahan 38 hari lagi. Lepas tu kau nak manfus, pegi lah. Aku relakan. Tapi tidak dalam 38 hari ni, baby.

Jangan pergi.

Aku dan FDP masih perlukan kau lagi, duhai laptop. Apa tidak cukupkah ku tunjuk kesibukanku padamu untuk kau memahami situasiku sekarang?

Apa tidak cukup aku million-tasking kan kau untuk kerja aku? Ya, aku tahu aku kedengaran seperti kejam. Tapi tidakkah engkau tahu betapa sulitnya kehidupan aku kalau aku ada kau, tapi aku tak boleh buat multi-tasking? Apakah ertinya hidup bersama laptop yang cacat, tidak mampu multi-tasking?

Tolonglah duhai laptop, aku tak pasti kalau aku cakap guna mulut kau boleh faham. So aku taip bait-bait cinta ni supaya mudah tertusuk di kalbumu itu.

Tolong, duhai laptop. Bukan aku tak cinta.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Final Year Countdown

It is the 1st December today, and the calendar marks 45 days more to go to the end of the semester; the end of my study years. Going to kindergarten at 5, and after 18 years of non-stop schooling, I am now marking the final 45 days of the book-homework-assignments age! And after this, book-homework-assignments definition will have an absolute change in meaning in my next stage of life, insyaallah.

Can't wait for January 15 to come, and be home for good! :)