Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday with Kalamullah #1

Dah terbiasa untuk tengok blog orang yang kadang2 gunakan tajuk Wordless Wednesday untuk entry mereka. Aku nak buat sesuatu yang lain. Aku nak letak ayat Quran yang aku jumpa, yang macam best untuk direnungkan bersama. Perihal hidup seharian, akhlak, hukum etc. Sesama dapat manfaat, seronok kan :) Aku nak guna tajuk Friday with Kalamullah, ok tak? Kalau post Wordless Wednesday adalah pada hari Rabu, maka Friday with Kalamullah ni akan dipos on Jumaat. Ok kan? Her her. So this verse is gonna be the first;

"Dan jangan sekali-kali engkau mengatakan terhadap sesuatu 'Aku pasti melaukukan itu esok pagi', kecuali dengan (mengatakan) Insyaallah. Dan ingatlah kepada Tuhanmu apabila engkau lupa dan katakanlah, 'Mudah mudahan Tuhanku akan memberiku petunjuk kepadaku agar aku yang lebih dekat (kebenarannya) daripada ini'"

Al-Kahfi, 23-24

Moral : Marilah membiasakan lidah dengan Insyaallah untuk semua perkara, walaupun perkara yang 99.99% pasti :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Save the Monkey!

Yes. Am stealing seconds from the running-out time to let the world know that my mind is now half sound.

It's the 9th week but we're not even 50% completed with the FDP!

I don't even know what the heck I'm learning in ARS (Advanced Reservoir Simulation) class but the test will be on next Tuesday!

IKS (Islamic Knowledge and Sciences) project seems fun and interesting but how can I complete the project with the other 2 incomplete? :(

I just can't manage myself for this final semester! I am the crazy, running monkey now!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Field Development Project

This semester this FDP is a headache for me. Out of 4 phases of FDP, I'm responsible in handling one of the phases; reservoir engineering. SO much things to do, so much things to find with infinite uncertainties (mind you, we're dealing with subsurface. Nothing can be seen with bare eyes). And in spite of that, my team is blessed with a super-great supervisor, and of course that comes in a package with some other drawbacks. Workloads and workloads. And yes, insults once in a blue moon. But who would mind that for a perfection? Only loser does.

May Allah blessed me with exceptional strength and motivation to work this out for me and my team.

Source here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bloody Final Year

The ending is coming so close to you, and yet there are just so many things coming up to stop you. I would rather forever live my life in my junior years for the final-year-stress is just unbearable; and yet it's inevitable. Have to go through like it or not. Downpour and sunshine.

Well there's a saying no pain no gain. I know.