Monday, August 25, 2008

Convofair : Aftermath

Morning. Reservoir rock and props class. Kawan 2 was on my right while Kawan1 on my left.

Perbualan #1
Fado : Takde mood nye. Still dalam mood Convofair lagi la..
Kawan 1 : Ko tau tak, aku spend RM300 dalam mase 4 hari je.
Fado : Mak ai! Ko buat ape?
Kawan 1 : Bayar raket tenis Rm100, eh bukan. 50 je, yang lain-lain tu kat Convofair la.

Perbualan #2
Kawan 2 : Nak tau tak, kite spend RM500 untuk ConvoFair..
Fado : Wow! Hebat gile!
Kawan 2 : 350 habis dekat kedai barang-barang motorsport tu, lagi 150 yang lain-lain tu la.
Fado : Ooo beli baju ape?
Kawan 2 : Kite beli untuk mak, ayah ngan adik kite..
Fado : Oh, patutla.. (Padanla, beli baju untuk family rupenye)


Baru aku tau nape Petronas masukkan duit scholar kitorang 9hb and 21hb bulan ni.

Ini adalah untuk menghasilkan dua perbualan seperti yang dinyatakan di atas pada hari setelah tamatnya ConvoFair itu~

Fado pulak macam mane?

Hmm. Tak tau nak cakap ape.

Ape yang pasti, dalam mase 2 hari ConvoFair tu, aku pegi bank 2 kali jugak la~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Convofair : Day 2

WARNING : For those who have problems in reading long stories, I'm afraid that you will easily get tired when you read this post. It's a long story of Fado's day. A long journey of the day.


Zai woke me up today.

"Fad Fad. Bangunla. Nak pegi kayak tak? Jomla. Jomla."

Hearing the word KAYAK, I simply jumped out of my bed.

Had shower after decided not to sebab Datin Zai mandi so I had to do what she did la. Heheh

Then tunggu Dato' Aizat datang menjemput kami.

As we reached the tasik, there was nobody there so we all pon decide to have breakfast at Taman Maju as Datin Fado requested to makan oti canai~

Waiting for the oti canai~

Oso waiting for the oti canai~

After having our breakfast, we ronda-ronda around Taman Maju to seek for ramuan-ramuan yang diperlukan untuk membuat dadih untuk keperluan bisnes Datin Zai. Kemudian kami pulang ke UTP, semangat untuk memulakan aktiviti berkayak.

The cannibals are going for fishing. Haha

The real view :)

Si Pemalas. Saya tak suka la berkawan dengan Si Pemalas~

4 sekawan were having a great time together. Datin Zai comel :)

After done with canoing, we fed the ikan-ikan there. Sangat seronok!

Trio was feeding the ikan, led by ikanriang. Heheh

Hey guys. You know what? I'm tired of typing every single word for this post because if I do, you won't read my blog till the end. So macam bese la kan, saye mahu letak gamba-gamba je, in sequence. Ok? Hehe

Then we went to the motorsports merchandise shop again. See la betapa gilanya rakan-rakan saya ni:

You'd better try it first! Try pakai SUME baju-baju mahal tu! :D

Bukan baju je yang kite kene try, but the simulator as well. Hehehehe

Overall, barang-barang yang saye beli adelah:

Untuk Syg, Kin, Amy dan jugak Pejul =)

Kemudian kami pergi makan. Duit saya habis di kedai tadi tu. Maka saya terpaksa meminjam duit. Uh uh

Datin Zai was very hungry~

Then we went back, had some rest, and continued our day with horse riding..

-----THE END-----

Convofair : Day 1

Here it comes again. Convofair; the most awaited event of the year. This is the time where all the students would push their books aside and leave their pens uncapped, neglected. They would spend their times in the ConvoSquare, try and explore everything until their body shiver with tire; where, there's no such word TIRING or TIRE or even TIRED during this 3 days event. Same thing goes to me.

Saturday, Aug 22 :
Woke up late.
Update my Friendster, read the Geoscience book a bit and had shower.
Left the house for ConvoFair around 12, walking under the sun with Ima and Syima.
Didn't find anything interesting there but the sand art gerai.
I convinced Ima and Syima that doing sand art would probably cool us off.

Seems like I really enjoyed the sand art cooling activity heh~

My half-way Doraemon sand art. Really nice isn't it? (^_^)

Syima was the first to finish her sand art. Hebat job! Heheh

And I was the second. Really really nice~

Ima the third. And also the last ;p

Next, blood donation.
I don't know why, but the medical officer told me that I was lack of blood and with that, I can't donate :(
My first and last donation was 7 months ago taw :(

Then I accompanied Ima la. Also took her picture while she was donating. Huhu~

I passed this. But not the other one :(

Really want to be in her place. Uh Uh

As Ima still had the energy to walk-walk lagi, we went here:

I was so excited going inside that 'thing', lagi-lagi bila orang yang jaga tu allowed me to cross the divider and took a closer look at the racing car sebab time tu orang tak ramai sangat. He he he he

They even suggested me to hug the tyre. And it was too obvious : I just can't.

Then we went to the motorsports merchandise shop, and it drove me crazy la. Really crazy. And there I bought 3 baju; 1 for me, 1 for Kin and another 1 for Pejul. Wanted to buy 1 for Amy, but I could not find the right size for her. Let's keep the things that I bought for them for another post, but this is what I bought for ME:

And how does it look like when a pretty lady wears it? Keh keh keh

Nice isn't it? I really like this baju :)

R-Play 2 : The Challenge

It's been a while since I last updated this blog as I was waiting for the R-Play 3 pictures from Awang. But the UTP server is always damn slow and I can't even download even a single simple document in my emails without clicking the 'Reload' button for hundred times.

It IS frustrating. I missed merepek and cium-cium my blog. Tapi takpe. I already have the pics ;) Thanx to NAJIB yang sangat-sangat sabar transfer kat aku SUME gambar malam lepas :)

We were given bout 3 weeks lebih sikit to fabricate 2 autonomous and 1 manual robot. Damn crazy. With lectures and other commitments, it sounds impossible to finish fabricating all robots in just 3 weeks lebih sikit. But with the courage that all of my group members have, we managed to finish the robot in time (though we once had Dr Naufal stay with us during the night just to make sure that our robot is working).

But that is what he is; he wants us to be the best. Hm. Back to story. For this R-Play, we have 4 groups with 12-14 members in each group. Half of the group will do the structure and mechanism of the robot while the rest will do the programming and so forth.

But, unluckily (luckily, I'd say), our programmers had a new challenge awaited them : they had to fabricate THEIR OWN SENSORS. It's not just challenging, it's a killing challenge. But my team mates never gave up on their sensors. Najib for instance, spent 2 days to have his sensor working. 2 days is too much for 3 weeks! His great efforts paid him a lot as we managed to have a well-working robot with his sensor :)

Here's the gamefield for the last R-Play 3.

Just to make my explanation brief and short, the manual robot has to shoot all of the cans on the table while the other 2 autonomous robots have to be in the gamefiled, collect all of the checkpoints and score more points by doing the assigned task, which is to place the yellow cube into the tower-with-bowl. Sebagai kesimpulannya, game ni berdasarkan sape cepat dia yang dapat! :)

During the fabricating period, here are some of the problems that my group had faced:
-The sensors weren't working well; which made our autonomous robot went out of track most of the times.
-The string that we used for the lifting mechanism broke EASILY.
-It's hard to aim for the targeted cans as our shooting mechanism uses the projectile motion. Do you get what I mean?

But did we overcome the problems successfully? Read the next post :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

R-Play 2 : The Clash of the Titans Begins


Who won't feel nervous for this big day?

Of course la all the robots won't kan. Har har har :)) Funny la you ni Fad!

Be serious. Back to story. For the preliminary round, our group won the first place (hooray!)

All 3 robots worked very very well and we scored big big points.

For the very big day of R-Play 3, aku malas nak cite panjang. Ape yang pasti, fo rthe final match, we beat our opponent 47-0. Lain-lain cite, korang tengok gambar je lah ok?

From left : Awang (not a robot), Autonomous B with gripping and lifting mechanism, and Autonomous A with sayap mechanism at starting zone.

This is the manual robot. I worked on it :)

This is a part of our manual robot. It has a raga to place the ball :)

This is the controller (green) for the manual robot. Believe it or not, we fabricate it ourselves. I did the cutting for the casing. I made the hole for the buttons :) And this is really a unique design for a controller :) Ever seen this in the market? ;)

This was when our Autonomous B (the one with lifting and gripping mechanism) succeeded to place the yellow cube into the pot :) See, everybody was clapping :)

Right after being announced as the first prize winner :)

Bawak robot hirup udara segar kat luar lab after match. Diorang tak pernah jalan-jalan kat luar lab so that day was their pay day. Hehe :)

Feels like going crazy-crazy after 3 weeks of loads of works :)

Bitting nails.

A bad habit of mine?


Then what is it?

Ok I'll give you a clue.

The complete statement of the title of this post is :

Frustrated. Bitting nails.

Got it?

Sure you got it.

What's the story Fad?



I had to take over the Robocon booth as I was in charge for it. After 'Asr prayer, I got ready la kan. Then my tudung buat hal. Senget. I never mind of how senget my tudung was. As long as it's not too obvious la kan. I already walk senget-senget so I don't want people see my tudung senget-senget jugak la kan. After done with my tudung, I walked quickly to the Robocon booth. As I reached the booth, a Robocon friend told me :

"Kitorang baru bergambar dengan Tun."

Shit. Damn u tudung.

Aku buat muke cool.

"O yeke. Da lame ke die bla?"

Aku control muke cool.

Buat muke tak kesah tak sempat bergambar dengan Tun.

"Tak la. Baru sangat-sangat"

I held the end of my tudung kuat-kuat.

Shit. Damn u tudung.

I don't know how to explain this further, along with the frustration inside. When I told Abah bout the story, he 'Owwwwwhhhh'ed a lot. He gave me the long one. I guess he's feeling my frustration as well. Aku anak Abah so we have the same feeling la kan?

Aku melompat-lompat waktu bercerita kat Abah tadi. I asked him to stop the 'Owwwhhhh ruginye'. I hit the floor, hoping that the frustration would slowly go. But it never does.

Can somebody bring me to him?

I'm dying to see him smiling to me. Give me the sweetest smile that won't melt my heart, but give me a courage to live in this DIRTY earth. Messed earth with DIRTY stories in politics.