Friday, November 14, 2008

Second Exam of a Future Petroleum Engineer

Hey people.

I'm sitting for my final examinations now.

Nov 10:
Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties

Nov 11:
Health, Safety and Environment

Nov 14:
Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics I

Nov 15:
Introduction to Petroleum Geoscience

Nov 17:
Structured Programming and Database

Nov 27:
My birthday. Muehe. Muehe.

I opened the E-Learning today, and noted a short notice from my geoscience lecturer, AP Askury.

My Dear Students

Examination is around the corner and you have to take care of your health. Don't stay overnite to ensure not getting flu or what so ever. Please take healthy food and try to eliminate instant noodle ... Maggi la ... because it will corrupt your 'harddisk' slowlysad.

Now, you can have a look the coursework result at DGPE notice board at block 16 that comprised 50% of your total mark. I also put the Second Test's solution on the same board.

Please feel free to come at any time. Good luck and try your best in finale ....


AP Askury

He's the type that will make you laugh a lot during the class. He's very punctual but not that very strict. All I can say is, I really enjoyed in his class with his funny jokes (he always tell us jokes whenever we are sleepy. And his jokes always work :D) I really hope that I can meet him for the next coming semesters; still a long way to go.

P/S: Jadual exam kami memang selalu padat camni~ Saat-saat orang lain belum amek second paper, kos kami mampu je da abes sume paper~

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm A Big Sister

This is me and my little sis 9 years back. She's a cute creature born when I was 7. And because of her, my title as 'adik' gone forever. But luckily, we never called her 'adik' then. We called her Debot when she was still a baby and Dibah or Ibah when she started losing her 'debotness'. We couldn't really get along because of our age difference and plus, I left home for boarding school when she was 6. But we're just the same. We both like cute and girly stuffs, enjoyed drawing and coloring very much. She'll always admire my stuffs and so do I. And...

...we both look alike! =D

And today she made the whole family proud; she scored 5A's in her UPSR! =) Alhamdulillah. She really made us happy. You can't imagine how worried we all were since the day she told mak that she felt like she'd done a careless mistake in her Maths! Everyone knows how careless she is but today, we are all relieved for this great news! :)

Love you dear!

Monday, November 10, 2008

All About Plurk

Right now me and my other girlfriends are addicted to Plurk. Ianye tak banyak beza pon dengan Friendster. But here are the interesting part of Plurk:

  • Here you won't be able to find a profile with hundred plus photos of your friend. You won't find any album containing photos of the SAME FACE (I repeat, the SAME FACE) but taken from DIFFERENT ANGLES. Cause you can only upload ONE picture in Plurk. I'm very glad of this!
  • It is a VERY SIMPLE social network but it provides you the BEST information of the profile owner because this network provides a column for the owner to emote himself.
  • If you are a real stalker, Plurk helps you a lot. For every emote (which we call plurk), people can simply view it and give a comment on it. This not only applies to emote, but gossip-gossip also lah.
  • You will get a private message through Gtalk as soon as you have a new response.
  • Your profile itself will give you a buzz when you receive a new response.
  • You will rewarded points called 'Karma' when you gain friends, when you give responses to others' plurk, when people accept you as friends et cetera.
  • You can only change your layout when you gain a a certain level of Karma. But you don't have to worry much la; I changed to a new layout within 12 hours after signed up with 14 points of Karma.
  • If in Friendster you have to scroll up and down to view the profile, but in Plurk, you need to scroll right and left! Very unique!

Here's how it looks like:

This part is for the details. Really short kan? And just a SMALL pic for each friend, sgt menjimatkan ruang! The white space is the column for you to plurk.

The one with the stripes is what we call timeline in Plurk. For each plurk you make, it will be displayed above your dashboard. And it also contain your friends' plurks and they are all in sequence!

When you click a plurk, a new SMALL (again, SMALL) window appears, displaying the responses and also a column for you to give your response. So tak payahlah kamu nak penat-penat view comment orang one by one macam ape yang kamu salu buat kat Friendster tu! Worse, sampai pegi page orang lain semate-mate nak tengok ape yang orang tu jawab~ Penat~

So everybody, let's Plurk and Plurk! ;)

To view my Plurk, please click HERE.

And happy plurking! :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

What It's Like to Be in Other's Shoe?

"...Hi it's me again The Clown of Yours. Firstly I don't understand why are your shoes too big. It's like my fist can also fit in the shoe, along with my kaki. And still got space here and there. Second, I don't understand why there must be a very unwanted smell intrudes the creepy holes of my nose as I take them off..."

Last week I received an email from the Robocon publication department with 3 attachments; a compilation of the Roboblitz draft (Roboblitz is our official bulletin) and I nearly cried seeing the pictures in the bulletin~

These two pictures are actually the consequences of THIS.

It breaks my heart seeing all those two pics cause I wanted to be in those pics as well. I want to have a pic where you can find my face and Tun's in the same pic; though I know that the pic will be a little bit weird cause you will find a girl smiling with the tips of her lips meet together-gether (and the girl would be me). Hm.. Can you feel what I feel?

I was tooooo desperate to have a picture with Tun. So I decided to take a picture of me and him when he last visited UTP to give a public lecture. So here it is!



Can you see?

Me and Tun?

Well if you can't, you have to know this:

1) Your are half-blinded.
2) Your brain is not that efficient to interpret something subjective, creative and artistic.
3) You can't fit my shoes very the well.

And I feel sorry for your DISABILITY.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Badut, Teater dan Sampah

Hai. Di sini, Badut sedang menulis dari bilik V5J.2.1.1 yang SANGAT panas; sangat yang sangat-sangat ditekankan. Malam ini Badut baru pulang dari menonton teater anjuran Tronoh Theater Shop UTP di MPH. Badut kagum dengan persembahan mereka. Lakonan mereka menjadi. Sentuhan seni mereka berkesan di hati Badut. Badut bukanlah seorang penulis cereka atau fantasi tapi Badut tahu teater tadi MENJADI. Maaf, Badut tak reti camne nak sampaikan ape yang tersirat kat hati Badut tentang teater tadi.

Mereka berjaya menyampaikan teater bertajuk Kerusi tu dengan jayanya. Ya. Kerusi. Drama yang kita sama-sama belajar waktu tingkatan 5 dulu. Ingat tak? Badut tak ingat sangat camne kisah Kerusi tu. Tapi ape yang Badut tau, Badut TAK PERNAH baca kisah drama itu dengan jayanya. Badut tak faham. Bahasa drama tu terlalu klasik terlalu berseni yang buat Badut yang berbangsa melayu ni tak pernah paham. Kalau kakak Badut yang cikgu BM tu bace post Badut ni, konpem beliau mengucap panjang. Tapi beruntung pelajar-pelajar tingakatan 5 yang dijemput hadir sama untuk teater tadi tu. Sekurang-kurangnya lakonan tadi tu akan melekat kat otak mereka untuk jawab soalan SPM nanti.

Kerusi merungkaikan masalah dunia sekarang. Pada pandangan Badut, masalah tu lebih kepada dunia politik. Tentang rakyat bawahan yang ditindas. Tentang golongan atasan yang bertindak umpama sebiji buah durian, duduk atas sebiji timun. Boleh kalian bayangkan camne? Timun yang lemah tak mampu melawan. Durian yang berkulit keras dan tajam terus memijak badan timun. Malaysia sekarang macam tu tak? Ada komen?

Tapi sekarang Badut nak kaitkan kisah Kerusi ni dengan sampah.

Badut nak ambil kisah durian dan timun tadi. Manusia sekarang umpama durian tadi, yang mana timun tu adalah reflection diri mereka sendiri. Manusia yang memiliki kuasa untuk mengubah segala keburukan yang berlaku di dunia; dan keburukan itu adalah pelambakan sampah. Kalian tahu tak, kat Malaysia ni kita hasilkan lebih 15 ribu tan sampah sehari. Kita hidup 365 hari setahun. Dah berapa banyak tu? Dan statistik ni bertambah dengan bertambahan penduduk. Badut pernah terbaca yang sampah yang kita hasilkan dalam masa sebulan, boleh memenuhi EMPAT buah KL Tower! Aduyai. Banyak tu! Hal ni merisaukan Badut.

Apa yang buat Badut terasa nak menulis tentang sampah ni? Berikut merupakan sebabnya:
  • BADUT RIMAS. Rumah Badut kat sini didiami 12 orang yang lain. Setiap hari, tong sampah kat luar tu MESTI penuh. Ada kisah lain yang diceritakan, tapi Badut malas nak bercerita tentang kemalasan insan-insan tertentu kat rumah ni. Berbalik kepada kisah kita. Kalo Badut skodeng dalam tong sampah tu, isinya mesti sama. Bekas polisterin, cawan plastik, kertas-kertas, plastik makanan dan lain-lain lagi.
  • Kadang-kadang Badut rasa nak nak gali je tong sampah tu cari botol mineral dan tin-tin minuman kosong. Badut nak kumpul. Badut boleh buat duit dengan bekas-bekas tu.

Badut tak tipu. Badut tak kisah kalo gali tong sampah tu. Badut terasa kalo Badut buang tin-tin minuman tu, Badut macam buang syiling dlm tong sampah. Akak-akak cleaner tu jugak yang bijak. Diorang tak kisah gali tong sampah tu cari tin-tin kosong. Diorang yang dapat untung. Kalo la duit-duit tu masuk dalam akaun V5 Student Representative kan best. Tiap sem kite boleh buat BBQ. Free. Makan gune duit hasil kitar semula. Bestnye kalo Badut boleh buat penduduk V5 ni idop dengan mengamalkan amalan recycle merecycle.

Sikap Manusia Si Durian yang tidak berubah sebenarnya memakan diri mereka sendiri. Dan akhirnya jadilah mereka macam Si Timun tu. Kalian nak jadi macam Si Timun tu?? Badut sedar akan situasi ini, maka Badut sedang mendidik diri Badut untuk mencintai alam. Antara langkah awal yang Badut ambil:
  • Kalo setakat beli barang sikit kat kedai tu, tok sah la mintak plastik. Masuk dalam beg je. Takpon ade tangan, pegang je la sampai rumah.
  • Nak keluar dari bilik, jangan lupe tutup lampu dan kipas. Membazir letrik. Jangan lupe switch off laptop jugak. Segala haba yang dihasilkan oleh barang-barang letrik ni takkan musnah walopon laptop anda sejuk. Haba merupakan sejenis tenaga; takkan pernah musnah. Haba dari barang-barang letrik yang kita anggap sikit inilah yang sebenarnya menyumbang kepada pemanasan global tahu taaak.