Friday, July 17, 2009

PPSMI and my dad as the minister

I feel like writing my own opinion after reading Ain's post on this matter. She obviously supports the government's approach in teaching maths and science in English. Well here goes my says..

It is understood that the government had this approach implemented back in 2003 in order to increase the English competency amongst the students. And now it has been 6 years since its first inception (long enough for an experiment), the government found that the approach was not the best tool to realize their educational mission. It might be clearer if I say that maths and science are not the most practical medium to understand English better. Yalah, why were maths and science chosen to be the medium instead of the other subjects; Living Skills or Civic Studies, maybe? If you're a pro-PPSMI, please answer me.

Think I'd like to share you a story. It's quite long, but just bear with me.

My father, to me, has a very positive mind towards English. Growing up as the son of a teacher and spending his teenage life in a very educational environment made him qualified to enroll himself in English College (currently known as Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar, JB) to do his form 6 studies. With determination and hardwork, again, he made himself qualified to further his studies in England. He then spent 15 years there, a period long enough for him to love the land and feel comfortable with English. He went back to Tanah Melayu, met my mother and got married. They have 5 daughters, which all of them never missed Abah's 'colonization era', an era where Abah had our brains stuck at the age of 6 with English by a very simple approach; he bought us English story books and he taught us English using the story books. Simple, isn't it?

Only after we knew some basic vocabularies he started to teach us on English grammars. Then, he bought us more story books to read aloud beside him and were required to translate every single word, just to make sure that we understood what we read, more to understand the story. Our informal class with Abah would be about for an hour or so, twice a day. Plus, we have our own dictionary; a log book where we wrote the new words we found in the story, along with the meanings. Now, at this age, when I feel stupid, I always tell myself to be proud of myself, as I had wrote a dictionary at a very young age! :D

Abah also taught us maths subject but ironically, the exercise books that he bought for me (I don't know bout my other sisters) were in English instead of malay! But I never knew why I never complained to him bout learning maths in English. The only thing that I knew was, maths was fun, I never had any complications with maths in English, and I enjoyed being advanced in my formal maths classes. Abah really made my life as a kid easier in school. He had me well prepared for my formal classes and to be more precise, he made my life easier :)

Based on this story, I conclude that it is easier to have a strong faith (keimanan yang kuat) in English before you go for something more challenging. Just to let you know (for those who doesn't know me), I learned maths and scince in malay in school but my life in UTP has never been hard when it comes to a combination of maths, science and English. And that is why I enjoy gaining knowledge through text books, imagining that I'm reading a story book.

And with this, I, Nurul Fadhilah Salleh, supports the government's decision on reverting back the maths and science teaching to malay and gives a very loud applause on their plan to hire English teachers from Australia and Britain (I guess). Je suis tres tres jaloux dengan adik-adik yg dapat belajar English ngan tuan bahasa itu sendiri :(

P/S : I'd once asked Dato' Hishamuddin to hire my dad as his personal assistant in his ministry, but he just ignored my suggestion. And now Tan Sri Muhyiddin's reverting back everything, guess that my dad is the best education minister ever :p

Tribute to Abah, who always make my life easier

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

betulkan kiblatmu..

TAWAU: Umat Islam di Malaysia boleh menyemak kedudukan arah kiblat dari kediaman atau lebih tepat dari ruang solat masing-masing, pada Khamis ini jam 5.28 petang.

Timbalan Pengarah Institut Latihan Islam Malaysia (ILIM), Omar Said berkata arah kiblat boleh disemak pada hari berkenaan dengan berasaskan cara tradisional iaitu dengan melihat arah matahari tenggelam.

Katanya, pada hari itu kedudukan matahari berada betul-betul di atas Kaabah di Makkah yang menjadi kiblat umat Islam.
"Kealpaan umat Islam menentukan arah kiblat dengan tepat boleh menyebabkan arah kiblat mereka tersasar sehingga beberapa kilometer jauhnya," katanya ketika merasmikan kursus lanjutan Falak (Qiblat) peringkat negeri di sini, semalam.

Katanya, perubahan satu darjah saja boleh mengakibatkan arah kiblat tersasar sehingga sejauh 128 kilometer. � Bernama

-Berita Harian, 14 Julai 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wahai Si Lalai..

Rupa-rupanya ada cerita kalau kita lewatkan sembahyang kita yea ....
Jika berpuasa Amalan kita direct terus padaNya
Tapi Jika bersembahyang Ada posmen pula Untuk hantar amalan kita padaNya
Kisahnya ?..
Setiap kita ada malaikat
Malaikat yang hantar amalan sembahyang kita Pada Ilahi
Untuk sampaikan amalan kita
Ia melalui tol-tol di setiap lapisan langit
Dimana setiap penjaga tol,
Kroni malaikat juga
Jika sembahyang di awal waktu
Tolnya "free"
Sekatan tol tiada
Tiada "jem"
Malaikat terus sampaikan amalan pada Tuhan Untuk dinilaikan
Jika sembahyang di akhir waktu
Tol free juga
Tapi sekatannya
Di langit pertama,
Penjaga tol marahkan posmen kita
Kenapa lewat poskan amalan kita
Merayu-rayu posmen malaikat kita
Minta diberi laluan
Tetapi? penjaga langit pertama
Tidak heran
Dicampakkan amalan lewat sembahyang tadi ke bumi
Jatuh berderai?
Dikutip semula oleh Malaikat posmen kita
Satu persatu dikutip
Sambil terus merayu untuk ke lapisan langit ke-dua
Dilangit kedua,
Samalah juga,
Bebelan malaikat kerana lewat hantar amalan
Merayu lagi kawan kita
Tak dipedulinya
Lalu dilemparkan amalan lewat sembahyang kita tadi
Jatuh berderai lagi..
Dikutip satu persatu amalan kita
Dirayu lagi untuk diserahkan amalan kita pada Tuhan
Dilangit ketiga,
La?. Kena basuh lagi malaikat posmen kita
Kenapa lewat hantar amalan tersebut
Tiada kompromi
Terus dibaling amalan kita
Jatuh berderai amalan kita
Tak ade nilai?.
Dan tiada lagi dikutip dan dirayu lagi

Tak sampailah amalan kita kepada Allah
Seolah-ol ah kita tak sembahyang juga
Bersedialah kita menerima pembalasannya
Tak di dunia di akhirat pula
Hilang duit, Hati risau, Tender ditolak,
Ujian bertimpa-timpa
Tak berbaloikan kita buat amal
Tapi tak sampai
Dahlah tu
Tak de nilai
Kena azab lagi nanti

Ya Allah !!! Ampunkan kami ! Kerana lalai !
Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengampun Lagi Maha Penyayang
Jadikan hati kami Suka sembahyang di awal waktu
Gawatkan hati kami selagi kami tak segerakan
Biarlah kami gawat di dunia
Agar kami tidak gawat lagi Di hari akhirat kelak.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rindu OBS dah..

I started missing OBS since the day I woke up on the last day in OBS and it has been nearly 2 weeks now. I miss the sea, I miss my dormitory Jerai, I miss my team mates, I miss the ration drum (that includes the Munchy's sugar cracker for our camping), I miss the voice that told me not to give up paddling, I miss it when my team mates and I sat together in the dark sharing stories, having the torchlight between us to lit the darkness and the wind was cool enough to make us shiver. I miss the whaler that 'whale' me, showing me how beautiful the land is, showing me how wide the sky is, taking me to an unforgettable experience, telling me to be more grateful to the Creator. I miss the kayak that swung me upon the wavy sea, telling me not to afraid of it.

Oh, I just miss everything

Can somebody take me there again?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Fon patah
Simkad kene blok sebab salah tekan password
PUK no ilang
Skrin laptop rosak
Lepas ni ape lagi?