Sunday, October 19, 2008

V5 Raya Fiesta: Raya Dinner

So here's the story of our Raya Dinner. It was held at Undercroft in Chancellor Complex. Our committee had worked very hard for this dinner. Preparing paperwork, seeking for sponsors, doing roadshows etc just for this very night. And what I can say is: our work did pay. We had fun last night and the most important is: the event ran smoothly just as what we had planned.

I was in purple that night and as I entered the hall, I was quite shocked when I saw there were so many people attending the dinner were in purple too! When Zai offered me to wear her purple baju, I thought that would be the best as purple is rarely to be seen. But that was OK somehow, as we were called Lucky Purple as there were many 'purple's that won the lucky draws ;)

Here's how the night went yesterday:

Registering for the night.

The committees were waiting for the VIPs. It was an awkward feeling when you used to sit in a meeting with the committees around you wearing lousy shirt and jeans but suddenly you see them in baju melayu. Did they feel the same way too?

Dr Naufal giving a speech while my stomach was singing Hungry song.

Dr Naufal officiating the night with the help of one of the robots from Robocon. A funny incident happened when the robot went off before Dr Naufal had the chance to take the lemang carried by the robot. Dr Naufal got panicked then, and so did the others on the stage :D

Then we had 3 performances by the invited kids from a nearby orphanage, Oliver of UTP and a band, also from UTP. I didn't know why, but I was so touched seeing the faces of the kids. I wondered how do they live without their beloved ones. I nearly cried, thanking to Allah as I still have my Mak and Abah. The top 2 person in my life. Thank you Allah :)

Hm. We also had some awards for the best dressed male and female, and a special award of Romeo & Juliet. We intended the Romeo & Juliet Award to be given to the couple that wears of course la the same tone colour of baju, the most romantic and bla bla bla. But we the committee finally agreed on this male-male couple from Chad that wore their white traditional suit. They were just like a twin; the only difference was that their faces weren't really alike. But the thing is, I felt pity to them as they got a couple of TEDDY-TIGERs for the award (and I'm not really sure whether to laugh or be sad for this feeling. Haha) As the dinner ended I took a chance to take some pictures with them ;)

They looked cute holding the TEDDY-TIGER in their hands :p

Mr Irwanshah, one of the male fellows in V5. He looked so cute with that TEDDY-TIGER :p (You won't believe me when I say that the childish face at the center of this pic is owned by an executive of the UTP Resource Center)

Ngehehe. Mr Irwanshah and Dr Naufal (both are V5 fellows)

HPE stands for Happy Petroleum Engineers! :)

The night walked, and the girls got crazy-crazy lala =)

P/S : The Secretary wants to thank everyone in the committee for struggling hard to make this event possible :)

V5 Raya Fiesta: Family Day

V5 Raya Fiesta, which is organised by V5 Student Representative, runs for a week, starting 12-18 October 2008. We had roadshow during the weekdays. It was a tiring week; though you only have to sit and stare at the people walking in front of you, waiting them to sign up in the activities that you organize. We also did door-to-door promotion in V5, promoting them the V5 Family Day and V5 Raya Dinner. The feedback was quite positive and I'm very sure bout this: they are proud of having an active student representative organization in their residential college :)

Saturday, Oct 18
We had Family Day during the day and Raya Dinner at night. The Family Day was all about having fun in our traditional games- Galah Panjang, Main Guli, Boling Kelapa Tua and Anyam Ketupat. We even had a Mini Futsal, which was a 3 on 3 game. There were 3 teams registered for Galah Panjang but unluckily 2 of the teams had a test on that day so they couldn't play la. 1 team left, and some of the committees had to be their opponent (and I was one of them). I really had fun playing with them. It's like reminiscing all of my old memories with my 2 chubby neighbours 2 naughty neighbours and lots more.

Then we had Boling Kelapa Tua:

Mineral bottles filled with water were used as the bowling pins.

Then we had Main Guli:

Guli Susu (shall I call it Milk Marble?) was used.

Then, Anyam Ketupat:

People, please believe me when I say that most of our Anyam Ketupat contestants are guys ;)

And here, I have some behind-the-scene pictures ;)

Dr Naufal, the most sporting advisor on earth (in green) showing the skills on how to be a Jaguh Gasing to a foreign student from Turkmenistan.

And I can't deny the fact that he's really the Jaguh ;)

Seems satisfied huh doc? Well you should meet my moyangs then. See if they'll call you Jaguh or not :p

And we end our day by prize giving. The participants were very happy with their BIG hamper, and I envied them :(

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mathronicamp: I'm Teacher-blooded

How does it feel being a teacher? Well for me, as most of family are teachers, this is not something new. And on last Saturday, I got the chance to be one :) It was the Mathronicamp, a one day course organized by UTP Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student Society (E3SS), in collaboration with UTP Robocon Team. It's Najib who offered me the chance, as he was the one who initially in charge to be one of the representatives from Robocon Team but luckily, he got something to do on the same day, so he passed me the offer :) In this Mathronicamp we had to teach the Standard 5 students from SK Raban, a total of 70 plus students. Maths and teacher, is a great combination to make feel eager to join!

My day on that Saturday started at 630am (this is really rare to me.ngehe), rushing to reach Jehan's at V4 before 700am. I texted her as I start walking to V4 and she replied that she was not ready yet. When I reached her room, she was done with baju but not tudung and she honestly told me that: Aku bangun bile ko msg aku. Kalo ko tak msg, habis.

Ahaha. But never mind la. Jehan kencang. Ehe. We then got into the car, ready to gather with others at the V4 parking area. We waited for the other 2 boys from Robocon, and only then Jehan remembered that she forgot to bring along our Robocon corporate shirt. Lalala~ As she had to wait for the other boys, I volunteered myself to walk and get the shirts. Huhu. Done with the shirt-matter, we hurried to RoboLab as we had to take the batteries for the robot and some other thing. I did bring the lab key with me, but UNLUCKILY somebody had changed the padlock, and I only have one key with me! Pity to us, and pity to those that we had to wake them up, just to get the key. We had to wake up 3 guys on that weekend, and this is enough to make me feel guilty. But what can I say kan. That was the only way that we could do. Huhu. It's quite a long story for this key-matter so I'd like to stop it here.

It took us more than two hours to reach SK Raban, which is in Kuala Kangsar. We arrived the school somewhere around 1030am. Jehan and his boyfriend Shah were assigned to Group 9, while Nazrin and me were assigned to Group 10. Nazrin and me brought our 4 'kids' to another classroom. Then we got know each other, and then started working on their exercises together. The kids were quite shy-shy cat at the first time and it took me nearly an hour just to make them feel easy with me. I acted as usual, like a clown. Making stupid jokes and it gave me a relief when the laughed seikhlas hati. Ahaha. I really enjoyed teaching them. It was a great feeling being in front of them, writing on the whiteboard, trying to make them understand. I taught them just like my father did when he taught me during my childhood. Translating the sentences word by word just to make sure that I understand the question. I applied it and it worked well to them. It's not that hard to teach them; they can read english well but the only problem was that they couldn't translate the words well.

I had a problem teaching them the topic on Time. One of the kids could not even remember the month. This IS a serious problem. I even had problem making them understand using fist:

I tried hard to make them remember of how many days are there in a month. I told them this: "Kalo kite stop kat Tinggi, bulan tu ade 31 hari. Kalo Rendah, ade 30 hari" and then we did some exercises on Time. Then the big problem came: when we counted the month, one of the kids will always get different days from the others. When we got it 31 days, he would get 30 and vice versa. The kid then said to me: "Akak, betul la saye kire. 30." I then asked him to count it back. Only then I realized that he had a serious problem. A REALLY serious problem. His first two Tinggi and Rendah are obviously flat! No wonder he got different answer from others! I then made joke to the other kids, I said that they have to keep their body slim so they won't face the problem as what their friend had. (Note: the kid is a sihat type. Hehe. Chubby orang kate). And they all burst into laugh. Haha. Really funny.

In the classroom.

Then we had a break at 1230pm. After we were done with our lunch, the four of us from Robocon had to do the toughest task in this Mathronicamp, which was to take the robot out from the car. Believe me when I say that it took us more that half an hour just to bring out the robot! Doing the 'task' under the baking sun, I felt like my body was really baked. In an hour time I might turn into muffins. Cupcakes. Chocolate moist. Yummy. Erm you just see la the pictures that I curi-curi snap:

Nazrin and Shah. In the car: Jehan. Fuuh

The kids started to surround us as they found out that we were working with the robot. But people, you know what. We told them this: "Adik-adik, kalo robot ni tak boleh keluar, adik-adik tengok je lah robot ni dalam kete ni yek!" That was actually the bunyi of giving up. Hu

Jehan muke penat. She even blamed my group for making such a huge robot. Believe me Jehan, I never thought that my robot will ever ride a car, sitting beside both the driver and the back passenger seat! And people, do you get what I mean? The robot is LYING DOWN from front to the back seat!!!

And we have a secret to unveil here: we scratched so many parts of the car during this 'process'. But luckily it is Dr Naufal's car and he's the type that mind a little, but will just forget it minutes later. Hu. Lucky us. We then got back to class and started the teaching session. The session went normally, and we tried to finish all of the given modules in time so I selected certain questions for them to solve.

We stopped at 3, and the next slot is the Robot Demo. Oh. My time my session. We changed baju, and ready for the robot demo. The kids seemed so excited seeing the robot in front of them. I explained to the kids, teachers and also the facis bout the robot. How we fabricated it, what's this and what's that. And I was quite nervous demonstrating them the shooting mechanism of the robot. I said this to myself: "Ni kalo tak jatuh tin-tin tu, wat malu aku je. Robot punyela gempak, sekali rupenye demonstrator die gile looser." I then tried my best to give a best shot and voila, I made it! Hehe. I felt relieved when they gave me big applause. The kids seemed so proud of the robot's ability to shoot. We then give them some questions to answer and if they got it right, they would get the chance to try our robot. We even gave some snacks to them (sponsored by me. It wasn't much, but I know that it was a great feeling for the kids getting something when others don't. Ehe)

Nazrin conducting the game session.

The real view.

Then we had closing ceremony, and tangkap-tangkap gambar time!! Hehe

2 groups in 1, with the facis :)

I had so much fun with y'all guys! We are a great combination! :) And to Shah, you're too old to show your long-time-ago baby face.

And this is my very the very happening group! :D


Going back to UTP..

Plaza tol Jelapang. The new one. You know the issue don't you?

Really new.

And finally, home! (with tonnes of work waiting. Sigh)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Raya: The Journey and the Day

I went back home a little bit late, which was on Sunday. I never thought of riding a train before, but for this holiday, I felt like trying it once. Voila. Here's my ticket.

I bought it online, with the help from my part-time mom, Kak Nim.

Departed at 0500, arrived at 1404 means the ticket didn't lie to me. Ehe. A tiring journey, forgotten when I kissed Mak and Abah. As I reached home, Kak Na, Abg Wadi and Kak Nim were already there, of course with Alif Tisya and Baby Arif. Abg Fir arrived bout two days late, as he had to take care of her sick mom. Now. Raya story. People, now I'm presenting the pics, hope you understand why =D

Handsome young guys in our family, ready for Raya prayer. As Abah is too far handsome, he can't be in this picture :D

Now let's see the hottest guy in this family for this Raya. It's Baby Arif!!! See, everybody wants to take picture with him!

Aunty Ida and Baby

Mama Nim and Baby

Mama and Baby

Papa Fir and Baby

Tok Bah and Baby

Ehehe. So cute that boy. Baik pulak tu. Just like his aunt. Ehehe. O people. Then on Sunday we had Kak Ida's engagement. She was so HAPPY, and I was HAPPY to see her HAPPY :) Then balik UTP on Salasa. I wished that I were still home~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Express Update

It's been a while since my last update. I was tooo busy with this and that, got no time even to turn on my Winamp playlist. So here's the very SHORT update for y'all.

V5 Iftar, Sept 24

Dr Naufal had once suggested us the V5SR members to organize this event as for him, providing food for others is something mulia. Well it's not only for him, everyone does know this. So I challenged myself to try it though I have no experience in organizing such an event before. There were only 4 committees working for this Iftar, with 1 that comes and go (I would say this as VANISH, AND NEVER COME AGAIN. Sorry if you happen to read my blog, but you're treating us unfair)

Back to story. The THREE of us did everything from head to toe (ape ni?) from JB to Kangar. We did look for some donation in Taman Maju, but we somehow didn't collect the donation :) Nga3. Din, Shiha and me sometimes feel lazy-lazy to work on it but thanks to Dr Naufal and Mr Irwanshah who never gave up forcing us :) And Alhamdulillah, we managed to work on it till the end. Most of the V5 residents attended the Iftar and I was very happy to see that. We had ayam, daging, sayur-sayur, bubur lambuk, kuih-muih and sirap. Thanks to Allah, for making this Iftar running smoothly :)

And really forgot to cakap, I was the one who did the poster design :)

Robot on the Road : Sept 8&9

My current interest, robots. We had external exhibitor with us during this 2 days event, which was from Cytron. Cytron is our provider for Robocon, specializing in circuitry and electronics. We bought our motor drivers, circuit board, motors and other appliances from them. I was too excited seeing the new robots (to me) that they brought, complete with enhanced technologies. I owhed and wowed for many times during their robot demo; feels like requesting y'all one for my birthday present :D I really want that robot. That WALkINg RoBoT.

Here are the robots from Cytron. Intelligent and smart. The walking robot is the biggest one while the smallest is the most intelligent.

In front of the exhibition room - people got the chance to try my team's robot :)

We also had RoboRace :)

Interested? Come and join us! :)

COMING UPs...........

V5 Artfest

Currently working on the prizes and evaluation. We had more than 100 entries for both photo and short film. 4 days to go.

V5 Raya Fiesta

Currently working on the promotions. As the secretary, I have to arrange the schedule; who's gonna take in charge for the booth, who's to monitor. But sadly most of the times I had another important thing to do so I can't help them much with the promotion. Sorry for not being there, but deep inside I'm hoping that I'll get to know my other committees :)