Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pangkor Trip : Part 1

3 days in Pangkor was great. That holds the title of my entry this time ;)


We've never thought of this before; going to Pangkor though the Lumut jetty is just 90 minutes away from UTP and it takes you about 15 minutes to reach Pangkor Island by ferry. This heaven on earth is just sooo close to us and I have no idea why did my friend and I had never think of getting any trip to Pangkor before this! But this time, Ai, Ima and I were unstoppable decided that


Sounds nice to us, of course :D

Jan 15, 2010 Friday

We took a bus from Taman Maju around 1100am, with a help from Ima's friend (and with a minor harassment from an unknown psycho guy. He was neat-attired, got his blue collared T-shirt tucked in, a black belt neatly done up around his waist AND some obvious missing teeth too haha). The ride to Lumut cost us RM4.80.

Taman Maju bus stop. Ai, Ima and Fado.

This girl, she was going green that day.

Arrived Lumut Jetty around 1230pm, had our lunch at a restaurant owned by a TLDM retiree. The service there was totally satisfying; delicious, hygienic, cheap and friendly. A truly worth it.

My meal. Daging masak kicap and lettuce. Plus iced lemon tea, total RM4.20

Lumut jetty terminal.

We bought a 2-way ticket which cost RM10 and embarked on the ferry around 400pm with some other tourists. And there were 3 never-been-to-Pangkor-for-a-holiday's acting like monkeys on the ferry; went here and went there, snapped here and snapped there, posed here and posed there and, I was one of the monkeys too (-.-')

Monkeys on ferry. Oh, that hat, RM10.

As we arrived in Pangkor, we took a taxi to take us to Nipah Bay and this costs each of us RM4 for the 6km-ride. We checked-in at Nipah Bay Villa; our homestay for the next 2 nights. Each one of us paid RM53 for that economy room of 2 nights stay. Yes it might be small, but that was never a problem to us. We just admired the cute room as it provided us everything; air-conditioner, hot shower, Astro and a queen sized bed-sufficient for an optimum comfort.

Arriving Pangkor.

In the pink van.

We did nothing that afternoon but had a walk around the small town of Nipah Bay and on the beach; just to have a day-view for the night plan. The beach which was closer to Nipah Bay Villa was OK I would say, but it was just too crowded with the service stalls (providing you the kayak, jet ski etc). The beach area was somehow undergoing a renovation process; which was quite an eye-sore to me.

Too many hanging ropes for the monkeys (^.^)

And this monkey chose this rope.

See the stalls behind us. Such an eye-sore right?

Walking to the neighboring beach took us about 10-15 minutes of snail styled walking (berlenggang kangkung). And here, voila! This was truly the foreign tourists' favorite spot! With a much wider and whiter shore, I wondered why weren't there many local tourists here. Yeah, maybe the locals are too shy too see those 'stuffs' kikiki (^_^)

Ima trying to do the jumping pose. Whattaa.

Again, the monkeys went back to their mission. Not enough chaos on the land, they climbed the tree. What a sight (-.-)

The sami-wanabe monkey (-_-)

Then the 2 monkeys continued their mission on the land. But they never expected their 'monkey'ness had attract a foreign tourist to approach them. Totally unexpected. He then stood up and walked towards them and..

... To be continued. Penat dah!

P/S : Total expenses so far - RM86

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oranglidi said...

van PINK TU memang best.. hehe

FUH.. LAMA X PEGI ROUND kampung belanda kat sana.

makan sate ikan..

lepak tepi laut teluk segadas.

last pegi time OBS . hehe

Hanim Salleh said...

Mmmm boleh jadik agen host 3 hari 2 malam nih :D

ikanriang said...

memang! ni first time yg heaven! :D

ok, i'll try ;P

.::fIsYa::. said...

fad....challet die best x??smlm xsmpai 100 la kn???aku duk duk utp 4 taun pun xpernh g pangkor..sem ni kene pg ni..kene ambk tunjuk ajar ni..hahahah ;p

ikanriang said...

haah, rate die ok la :D

seronok gile2 weyyy. wait for my next trip stories ok ;)

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