Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm currently missing someone

..named Shikin. She was once a best friend of mine. I can't recall since when did we both get close to each other, but i do remember, she left Malaysia for Singapore in 1999.

Worst thing came to her life on that 1999; she lost her father. And I, as a best friend of hers, was always there by her side, comforting and tried to be her best company. I wonder if I did my job well, but all I know is, I tried my best. She was so kind (and still, she is) that I couldn't resist myself from treating her in the same manner too. She brought me donut almost every day, as she knew that i love them! (and still, I do!)

She's a kinda easy-going person and we used to laugh a lot! I really miss her lah! When she moved to S'pore, we sometimes had talk on phone. She called me, and so did I. But as I went to SMAPL, we both lost contact, and I accept that as Pertemuan and Perpisahan lah.

I had my life as usual, but sometimes I did think of her and wonder how's she doing in years' silence.

Today at 2pm, I got a new friend request and a new message, from -KIN-

hi nurul.apa khabar?.i was in friendster that u suddenly come across my mind.and i decided to search 4 your name.
saya tak tahu sama ada nurul masih mengingati saya.

This is how the message starts. I viewed the sender's page. My heart jumped in excitement as I found that it was really HER! I shouted her name and I nearly cried. Huh. So I went telling everybody around me that I met my old best friend on Friendster!

Friends, today is my Happy Day :) Meeting my old best friend, and knowing that she still remember me is such a great gift for me. And I'm proud to announce that I do still remember her name! Ngeh3. Nurul Ashikin Bt Abdul Rahman. Wah. We both have slightly the same name lah!

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