Monday, August 06, 2007

UTP vs I can still..

Voila. I mange to make my self here, in Universiti Teknologi Petronas,doing Petroleum Engneering, But for this whole year I have to finish my foundationn study before proceeding to my undergraduate study next year.

Being here for just 4 months is a great cahallenge for me. Here is the place where I have to keep doing my revision, and not duing the examination week only. Here is laso the place where I where I have to co-operate and give the best commitment to the others, especially to my teammates.

Studying here is the most valuable leaning experience for me. The best facilities are provided here, along with the most commited lecturers and staffs. They are always willing to help us. One thing that I thank God most is I can stll view my Friendster EVERYDAY and print my lecture notes as much as I want though I don't have my own PC and printer yet.

I can still get my chocolates at the KOPETRO. Just like what I did during my old days in school, I would share my chocs with my friends when our eyelids nearly shut, and when our ears could't bear the lectures' says any longer.
I can still eat my roti canai here thugh my mom isn't here to buy me such. Instead of eating roti canai once a week at home, I eat roti canai almost everyday! (fad gmok!)

I can still enjoy my days though my dad isn't here with me (I really miss his jokes!!)

I can still talk to my mom as frequent as I want without stepping out to the public phone (wich requires a lot of energy). and the much much better is, I don't have to hide it like I used to during my old times in school)

I can still enjoy my bed here though it is not totally mine as I have my beloved bedsheet here,along with my comfortable comforter ( at least I can dream of my own room at home at

I still have my evrything here : my mom,my dad,my sisters etc. But the difference is, I can never touch them. I can never see their eyes everytime I talk to them. The only reason for this is, they are in my heart, and thet will remain there forever...

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