Monday, August 06, 2007


15th DEC : The most haunting moment finally came.Our SPM started with arabic(a subject which i worry the we entered the examination hall,Shafiq lead the do'a and also the takbir..ALLAHUAKBAR!!ALLAHUAKBAR!!ALLAHUAKBAR!!This was what we had for our first week of SPM.
I can't remember well what we had in our second week,but i guess we had our bahasa,english,sejarah,mod maths and est.I didn't have enough time to write a perfect essay for my english paper1,But i managed to end the story laa.Dunno what to say for my est..sejarah n bahasa alsoo...
On the third week,we had physics,add maths,chemistry n quran sunah..overall ok laa...the least ok is my physics
Fourth week,had biology and syariah..A happy ending story..That night we had some makan2.We bought KFCs,pizzas..snacks..heard that we've spent nearly 1K on that night..i cuwik some candies for alif sayang n tisya sayang..
Petang syariah tu,watched movie with wani n nadwa.watched DEJA VU.Really impressed by the storyline.A mental-challenging movie.daaaaa

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