Monday, August 06, 2007

May Birthday Party

I missed my friends so much so I decided to turun KL last saturday to celebrate the-girls-of-may's birthday party ::ain::ayu::leha::

there i met wani,chapeq,nawa,belle,mimy,ika,nabek,ama,ayat,shafiq,apek(busan sudaa),faqih,oh i can't remember others la.
I arrived klcc late so i'd missed lunch with them la. But it's ok. At 215pm,we watched SPIDERMAN3(superb!!) . Oh and i sat beside ain cyg. I don't know why, I cried at the and of the story (Harry died!!)
Then we went to the klcc park and search for the best place to sit la. We sat in a circle, a big circle and I could see the faces that I missed most (what-uh!) Then of course we sang the happy-birthday-to-u song. EAT EAT EAT
The day seemed so short la..never had enough time with them..
nak nangis nii..

Anyway,slamat ari jadi kwn2 ku cyg, and I'll be praying the best for y'all, I LOVE Y'ALL

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