Monday, August 06, 2007

Learn How to Design Your Own Layout :)

I don't now why I'm so addicted to this. All I know is, I enjoy doing it very much as here is where I find my real satisfaction. Wow.

So how 'bout you? Here I'd like to give you some tutorials on this-so-called layout designing.

FIRST STEP (image background)
Get a background for your layout. You can get it from the search engine or even from your own folder.
Get your background URL by hosting it at
Copy the image URL (direct link to image)

SECOND STEP (css coding)
To generate your css code,click "css code generator" link provided in my friendster page, in About Me section.
Paste your image URL at the space provided.
THIRD STEP (generating code)
Start designing your layout.
Click "Generate Code" to get your css code.
or, click "Preview Code" to view your becoming new layout.
Copy the code.

Paste the code at the css section in your "Customize Page"
Click save. (make sure that your profile is set to Safe Mode:NO)
You can now view your new layout :)

If you want to re-correct certain colour in your layout,you don't have to generate a new code of entire layout. All you have to do is replace the old colour code with the new one. Where to get the code? Just click the "Hex Colours" link provided in my friendster page :) And make sure that the code is started with #
Eg: #000000 for black and #ffffff for white
To discover more,just click the links provided there :) But I find that SPIDERTUBE and SPIDER LAYOUT is much exciting than the others laa.

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