Monday, August 06, 2007

I never went up a hill before!

It's true! I never went up a hill before! But I'd just did this morning :D actually I'm quite confused of what term should I use to name this you-know-what-I-mean. Jungle tracking? Expedition? Or wind-eating? Huhu~

Waking up at 730 in holidays is quite a bizarre for me, but I really DID that bizarre on that day. Me and my sis Hanim then went to Raju's Restaurant and there we met her ex-students (there were 6 of them) and of course, we had our breakfast :D

We started our expedition at 950am and as I first step into the forest, I realized why green is my favourite colour. This is because green has never been an eyesore to me! Hehe! And, climbing the hill was really tiring but I DID enjoy it very much!

Walk, walk, walk and there we were, at the suspension bridge. Then we walked and walked, we met the bunians. Haha! I can't remember well la, but all I can remember is, we managed to escape the forest around 12 la,

Hey friends, words can't describe my excitement, but pics really do!

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