Monday, August 06, 2007


Recently i went for an interview in Universiti Teknologi Petronas,Tronoh,Perak.Being there for for the 3 days EDUCAMP was really an unforgettable experience for me.Here is where I mix with the chinese and indians(proud of this because I came from an all-malay school EDUCAMP was held for 3 days starting 10th DEC till 12th DEC.
I stayed in Etana(hostel for the girls.The hostels are named after the petroleum drilling fields of PETRONAS' in Sarawak.There were also Metana,Semarang,Duyong,Tembungo,Ruby ++++)My roommate was a TKCian so we talked about Seremban a lot.Haha!
That very first day,we were divided into groups at the Chanselor Hall and then walked to a nearby building.The groups were brought to rooms by the facis.In that room,my group was then divided into five(unluckily,I was the only girl in that group.Hu)My groupmates were Apit from MCKK,Fakhri from ASiS,We from Faris Petra n (i can't remember him) from STJ.Voila.We were all from SBP!Em..we had some simple presentations on that day.We also 'played' desert-survival game.In this 'game',we were given a list of items such as cosmetic mirrors,parachute,water,vodka,jacknife etc and what we had to do was rank the items according to what might be beneficial for us to survive in the desert.The lower the point we get,the better laa.I scored 40(which was the lowest mark among us,n i got 2 MENTOS for that.Haha!).Seemed like i was the only one to survive ;)
On the second day we had English Proficiency Test(EPT) in the morning,career talk in the evening and some other tests at night(Critical Reasoning and IQ Test).It was quite a tough test for me anyway.Hu
Tadaa..the big day finally came!!The day for the interview!!Let's see the chronology:
0930 : waited for the feeder bus
:in the bus(sat beside a girl from Kolej Yayasan Saad-a close friend of Acin's.What a small world!)
:arrived at Block D(special block for interviews)
:brought to a room for briefing
:brought to another room(Preparation Room) Here was where I first met my groupmate for the interview and again,I was the only girl!! My groupmate was Kana from KGV Seremban,Shamsul from SHAH PEKAN,and Syed from Sc. Sultan Mahmud.Shamsul applied for Chemical Engineeing,Syed applied for Business and both Kana and I applied for Petroleum Engineering.In that preparation room,we were given a study case(we have to object@agree with the recommended solution)
:Individual assesment
:Group assesment
1400 : TAMAT :D

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