Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fado Easy Vacation Theory

... or might be best called as Fado Float-for-a-Vacation Theory as well.

Coming back from Miri had give me this so-called 'gatal kaki' to be in some other new place. Malaysia is not bad anyway. Well to me, the satisfaction of going on a trip does not really depend on 'how far you went' neither 'how much you spent'. Any place that gives you any new experience does good enough for you to remember everything about the place; though the experience was quite a bitter one, being cheated by a taxi driver for instance.

Well I'm not writing today to talk about on vacation tips but this is more to nonsense. Scientifically nonsense.

This idea came up when I frequently fly months back, and reading the flight magazine is always the first option to escape the boredom but there were times when I forced myself too much to read, I ended up with nonsense in mind; and to be a flight attendant was one of it (-_-) But I had this ONE question that rushed in my thought, which I think was the most scientific among all (though it my seem stupid to you), was

Why do airplanes fly when all we know is the Earth is moving?

Won't we be 'left' by our destination that we're heading to?

Can we invent something like the typical airplanes, except that they don't fly (apekah?). They just float. So just let the Earth moves. And we wait. So logically, when you wait 12hours, you'll be somewhere 180degree (in longitudinal direction) away from the current location. And you'll be in your initial place if you wait 24 hours.


I'd just realized how nonsense this idea was as I neglected the gravity effect. Even if I were able to invent something that can help me to float, the gravity effect will always drag me together with the moving Earth. Simple.

Stupid idea this is, isn't it? But I need to record all this super stupid and insane idea of mine. Thanks for reading. And sorry if I waste your precious time, but this is 1 minute-reading entry anyway. I did consider your precious time.

3 commentaire:

Hanim Salleh said...

it may sound stupid... BUT IT SOUNDED RIGHT!!!

ain farahain said...

great thinking weh!
tapi, i think the reason people created planes were to get to far places in shorter period.

logically kan, your theory can only be applied kalo u nak pergi tempat yg longitude dia lain
kalo nk pergi tempat yg latitude sama x leh kan? haha!

hence, the plane is created :D

now i sound 2 times stupider than you. haish. the effect of reading boring picture-less law books :P

ikanriang said...

kanim : kan2? heee

ain : yes, kite boleh pegi tempat2 yang latitude same ngan kite je, or latitude lain sikit atas sebab bumi berputar pd paksi yang senget. rileks ain, we're not stupid. all famous scientist came up with stupid thinking at first ;)