Thursday, May 26, 2011

Final Year Project

Alhamdulillah, dipinjamkan lagi oksigen dan organ2 yang berfungsi dengan baik hari ini :)

Quite a long time since I last wrote, but to keep this beloved blog silent for months was never an option; there'd been just so many things coming up, and to watch Running Man was one of those :P But frankly, life doing final year is not something easy when it comes to Final Year Project. Yes, FYP.

My project is basically an experiment-based, testing two types of polymer as the drag reducing agent in water flow system. I'm currently doing major in Reservoir Engineering and to have a project on flow assurance are two non-parallel scopes. But I somehow can't help myself from liking and being enthusiastic in completing this project - though I'd lost track for quite many times, as I've put my best effort doing the preliminary research, and came out with a 100% self-dependent proposal myself!

BUT I'm quite demotivated when thinking that I have to fabricate my own experiment setup; getting the pump, the pipes, the beam and everything! But when I come to think that the current technology we're having now is made up of infinite research and EFFORT and PATIENCE and HEADACHES of other great researches, I just keep telling myself that this is my own responsibility to the industry; to at least initiate a research that can assist another researcher. Got what I meant?

Simply said that, I wanna be admired as much as I admire the people who wrote great research papers. Many of the papers I read talked about simple topics, but later I came to realize that their research is basically combining pieces of other research. And that combined pieces are what I'm impressed with now! Great writings with detailed analysis.

I just hope I can someday be like them.

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Hanim Salleh said... not be like me...i'm a uni drop out :(
chaiyok sis!!

ikanriang said...

thank you! :)