Tuesday, June 07, 2011

New semester begins!

; with much disappointments.

The new semester is back; after a super-short, 10-day semester break. I just hate this new requirement that UTP has to follow for the sake of accreditation. It causes us the final year students to compact all 3 semesters in 12 months instead of 16! It can be simply said that we almost have no mid-sem break as all we've got was a 4-day break including Saturday and Sunday! I wish that you'd know how much I hate this accreditation thing; I wanna spend more time home with mak and abah. I hate the feeling when we're leaving home saying goodbye and promising that we'll be back soon :(

That was the first disappointment. Next comes the second.

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I love learning French, and my 4-year experience learning French during high school has never disappoint me but this time, I kinda wanna say 'I hate French' for this one reason :(

I failed to register in the course for my first attempt during my 3rd year as the slot was already full so I did the course registration much earlier this time and luckily, I managed to make myself in! However, as I stepped into the class, I was taken aback seeing a large crowd in the class and it was like 3/4 full! And it's not the seats that were 3/4 full, but its the space in the class! You had let someone to kiss your butt just to make your way to the empty seats! Erghhhh.

- At first I wondered if the large crowd truly managed to register themselves in the PRISM (our online database system for registration etc.) for the course and as far as I concern, it's only those who managed to register themselves in the PRISM will make their way to the course!

- But it's opposite for this course! The lecturer will only take in those who first signed up MANUALLY in the class by writing their name in the list distributed at the end of the class!

- And no one was aware of 'that' system as the lecturer post the announcement in the online portal where no one can access until the end of the first week of the semester!

- And seeing there were so may guys queuing, I just had some little patience for my turn and that makes my name to be among the last and not accepted to be in the class! :(

And that was only 30% of everything that demotivated me within this 3 weeks. Now I'm wishing for a rainbow waiting me ahead :(

3 commentaire:

Hanim Salleh said...

la...... kesiannya..... nasib baik dapat :D

ikanriang said...

tak dapat pun kak nim :(

lumut said...

class french aku best nak mati kat sini....alamak sori bukan niat nak jeleskan awk syg.

dah jgn cdey x comel nnt.