Friday, May 27, 2011

New layout this time!

And after one year, I'm in love with this new layout for the facts that;

1) It's simple
Growing older you'll always love something simple. So I think to have a layout with an almost similar tone and less different shades suffice to be considered as 'simple'. I once had my first blog layout self-tailored to be very funky and colorful. And I don't think that I had many permanent reader back then for that reason. Then brown-obsession struck me last year, so I changed the layout to this one:

Quite simple, and no complicated navigation. I love that. Dark brown and pastel-pink was a such great combination, ain't it? :)

2) No fussy and big header
I don't much prefer the idea to have my readers to scroll down just to reach my first entry so this one best suits my preference. A unique font for the title is enough, no unnecessary image! :)

Last but not the least,

3) Self-tailored icon!
I've read an article about changing the blog icon long time ago, but didn't find the necessity to do so until I met this current layout! Am so in love with this theme, so I decided to make this blog to be more ME. So I came up with this;

Hehehe, nothing much. Just a 1 minute job using Paint :) Feel free to get the tutorial here. Easy-peasy one ;)

3 commentaire:

lumut said...

nak jgk ah blog cm yu ni..nak2...hee

lumut said...

nak jgk ah blog cm yu ni..nak2...hee

ikanriang said...

silala dapatkan! senang ajeeee. hihihii