Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is my brain designed 'engineering'ly or 100% biologically or neither one?

I don't know why, sometimes when I don't score well (where this always happen) in my tests, I'll tell myself "Maybe engineering is not part of your brain. Or your brain is not designed 'engineering'ly" Hahah. That's not funny errr

Yea I can still remember, the best mark that I scored was during my first test for Statics. I got 97%. It was awesome. And I never had any other awesomeness after that. Good bye to 97%. I sometimes even scored lower than half and that sucks. That was first semester.

Second semester, I met 'petroleum'ly or literally, oily subjects. Oily subject namely Intro to Petroleum Engineering, where my brain was stuck with new and stupid terms. Nipple; monkeyboard, a board where a monkey had never been on; Christmas tree with no baubles, mouse hole, where you can hardly find any mouse in it; roughneck; mudcake which is not baked neither can be eaten etc. Yes, you may click the terms to know what the terms really mean. When we heard the terms for the first time in the class, we just can't hide our grins. The term nipple for instance, would make the boys went 'up to heaven' and the girls would 'aa maluu cikucikuci'. Blah la. Padahal belajar je pun.

Third semester, we met drilling engineering. Being in this class was fun, as the lecturer would show us related videos for the topic. We learned how to drill a well and how to basically avoid the well from collapse. How to run the casing and production strings etc. And of course, we don't have labs for this subject or else you could find 6inches holes anywhere in UTP.

Here are the drilling crews. Wanna do this for the lab project? Hell no.

Fourth semester, we had Well Logging and Formation Evaluation subject. A subject which taught you on how to interpret your raw data obtained from the seismic acquisition. You learned how find the 'oily' and the 'non-oily' interval. You learned how to determine the fluid salinity etc. You use hell lots of graph. Interesting subject, but once you read wrong data, the whole result will turn wrong as well. ie, wrong analysis. ie, 0 mark. Smile smile.

Now, fifth semester. We meet the great Reservoir Modeling & Simulation. Say hello to Mr RaMaS!

Hello Mr RaMaSsss!

There can never be a better person to teach this subject except a real genius. And yes indeed, we do have a genius teaching us this subject. Unfortunately, with bullet-train speed expertise in talking and teaching, we can never optimize our understanding in the class on this subject. This subject requires you to do hell lots of derivation; make a 1-line equation to turn into a 4-lines equation with hell lots of worms in it (yes, the letters are worms)

Aren't the worms cute? (-.-)

the fools who write the textbooks of advanced mathematics are the most clever fools and the fools who write a 406-pages book on reservoir simulation are the most clever among the fools who write the books on advanced mathematics. and i'm in the lowest rank of the fools; not for writing a book. but for not understanding what the other fools tried to say in the book


* Picture and terms meaning taken from here

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mrs camillo said...

pity budak PE, ptiy budak PE :'(

ikanriang said...

pity kan? mari buang diri jauh2. huhu