Friday, November 07, 2008

What It's Like to Be in Other's Shoe?

"...Hi it's me again The Clown of Yours. Firstly I don't understand why are your shoes too big. It's like my fist can also fit in the shoe, along with my kaki. And still got space here and there. Second, I don't understand why there must be a very unwanted smell intrudes the creepy holes of my nose as I take them off..."

Last week I received an email from the Robocon publication department with 3 attachments; a compilation of the Roboblitz draft (Roboblitz is our official bulletin) and I nearly cried seeing the pictures in the bulletin~

These two pictures are actually the consequences of THIS.

It breaks my heart seeing all those two pics cause I wanted to be in those pics as well. I want to have a pic where you can find my face and Tun's in the same pic; though I know that the pic will be a little bit weird cause you will find a girl smiling with the tips of her lips meet together-gether (and the girl would be me). Hm.. Can you feel what I feel?

I was tooooo desperate to have a picture with Tun. So I decided to take a picture of me and him when he last visited UTP to give a public lecture. So here it is!



Can you see?

Me and Tun?

Well if you can't, you have to know this:

1) Your are half-blinded.
2) Your brain is not that efficient to interpret something subjective, creative and artistic.
3) You can't fit my shoes very the well.

And I feel sorry for your DISABILITY.

3 commentaire:

mrs camillo said...

aku bgn 4 pg semata2 nak tgk blog2 kengkwn ku...

Nawa said...

saya nampak

maknanya saya ni x separo buta

rabun pon jaoh skaleh

otak saya amat hebat dalam mengintepretasi sesuatu yg subjektif,kreaftif dan artisitik

maknaya saya ni la yg kreatif dan artisitik..

tapi saya tetap tak akan muat kasut kamu


ikanriang said...

sy lupe nak ckp, gamba tu adela rawatan yg tebaik utk org yg rabun mcm awk, (menunjuk kpd zai) dan awk (menunjuk ke arah nawa)

hihihi. maseh la utk saye yg wat awk rase kurg rabun kat dunia ni.