Monday, November 10, 2008

All About Plurk

Right now me and my other girlfriends are addicted to Plurk. Ianye tak banyak beza pon dengan Friendster. But here are the interesting part of Plurk:

  • Here you won't be able to find a profile with hundred plus photos of your friend. You won't find any album containing photos of the SAME FACE (I repeat, the SAME FACE) but taken from DIFFERENT ANGLES. Cause you can only upload ONE picture in Plurk. I'm very glad of this!
  • It is a VERY SIMPLE social network but it provides you the BEST information of the profile owner because this network provides a column for the owner to emote himself.
  • If you are a real stalker, Plurk helps you a lot. For every emote (which we call plurk), people can simply view it and give a comment on it. This not only applies to emote, but gossip-gossip also lah.
  • You will get a private message through Gtalk as soon as you have a new response.
  • Your profile itself will give you a buzz when you receive a new response.
  • You will rewarded points called 'Karma' when you gain friends, when you give responses to others' plurk, when people accept you as friends et cetera.
  • You can only change your layout when you gain a a certain level of Karma. But you don't have to worry much la; I changed to a new layout within 12 hours after signed up with 14 points of Karma.
  • If in Friendster you have to scroll up and down to view the profile, but in Plurk, you need to scroll right and left! Very unique!

Here's how it looks like:

This part is for the details. Really short kan? And just a SMALL pic for each friend, sgt menjimatkan ruang! The white space is the column for you to plurk.

The one with the stripes is what we call timeline in Plurk. For each plurk you make, it will be displayed above your dashboard. And it also contain your friends' plurks and they are all in sequence!

When you click a plurk, a new SMALL (again, SMALL) window appears, displaying the responses and also a column for you to give your response. So tak payahlah kamu nak penat-penat view comment orang one by one macam ape yang kamu salu buat kat Friendster tu! Worse, sampai pegi page orang lain semate-mate nak tengok ape yang orang tu jawab~ Penat~

So everybody, let's Plurk and Plurk! ;)

To view my Plurk, please click HERE.

And happy plurking! :)

4 commentaire:

ieqah said...

ak da tgk da plurk nampak cam complicated je..n susah la nak paham~~heee

ikanriang said...

muehehe. aku mule2 pening gak. tapi bile da try, lame2 bese je. same je kalo ko join social network lain. so, jomla join. nguehehe

n tolong tambah karma aku gak :D

Mr Am said...

Plurking jom.. haha.. more fun than others..

ikanriang said...

tengok, aku da ade penyokong.
plurking yok!