Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bitting nails.

A bad habit of mine?


Then what is it?

Ok I'll give you a clue.

The complete statement of the title of this post is :

Frustrated. Bitting nails.

Got it?

Sure you got it.

What's the story Fad?



I had to take over the Robocon booth as I was in charge for it. After 'Asr prayer, I got ready la kan. Then my tudung buat hal. Senget. I never mind of how senget my tudung was. As long as it's not too obvious la kan. I already walk senget-senget so I don't want people see my tudung senget-senget jugak la kan. After done with my tudung, I walked quickly to the Robocon booth. As I reached the booth, a Robocon friend told me :

"Kitorang baru bergambar dengan Tun."

Shit. Damn u tudung.

Aku buat muke cool.

"O yeke. Da lame ke die bla?"

Aku control muke cool.

Buat muke tak kesah tak sempat bergambar dengan Tun.

"Tak la. Baru sangat-sangat"

I held the end of my tudung kuat-kuat.

Shit. Damn u tudung.

I don't know how to explain this further, along with the frustration inside. When I told Abah bout the story, he 'Owwwwwhhhh'ed a lot. He gave me the long one. I guess he's feeling my frustration as well. Aku anak Abah so we have the same feeling la kan?

Aku melompat-lompat waktu bercerita kat Abah tadi. I asked him to stop the 'Owwwhhhh ruginye'. I hit the floor, hoping that the frustration would slowly go. But it never does.

Can somebody bring me to him?

I'm dying to see him smiling to me. Give me the sweetest smile that won't melt my heart, but give me a courage to live in this DIRTY earth. Messed earth with DIRTY stories in politics.

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ikanriang said...

I wished I were in Mars.

Hanim Salleh said...

RUGI GIILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!