Friday, November 14, 2008

Second Exam of a Future Petroleum Engineer

Hey people.

I'm sitting for my final examinations now.

Nov 10:
Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties

Nov 11:
Health, Safety and Environment

Nov 14:
Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics I

Nov 15:
Introduction to Petroleum Geoscience

Nov 17:
Structured Programming and Database

Nov 27:
My birthday. Muehe. Muehe.

I opened the E-Learning today, and noted a short notice from my geoscience lecturer, AP Askury.

My Dear Students

Examination is around the corner and you have to take care of your health. Don't stay overnite to ensure not getting flu or what so ever. Please take healthy food and try to eliminate instant noodle ... Maggi la ... because it will corrupt your 'harddisk' slowlysad.

Now, you can have a look the coursework result at DGPE notice board at block 16 that comprised 50% of your total mark. I also put the Second Test's solution on the same board.

Please feel free to come at any time. Good luck and try your best in finale ....


AP Askury

He's the type that will make you laugh a lot during the class. He's very punctual but not that very strict. All I can say is, I really enjoyed in his class with his funny jokes (he always tell us jokes whenever we are sleepy. And his jokes always work :D) I really hope that I can meet him for the next coming semesters; still a long way to go.

P/S: Jadual exam kami memang selalu padat camni~ Saat-saat orang lain belum amek second paper, kos kami mampu je da abes sume paper~

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bijen moretti said...

caringnye lecturer nih..

asotoko said...

hai hai... selamat bercuti ^_^

mrs camillo said...

anda di tag!!!

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