Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm A Big Sister

This is me and my little sis 9 years back. She's a cute creature born when I was 7. And because of her, my title as 'adik' gone forever. But luckily, we never called her 'adik' then. We called her Debot when she was still a baby and Dibah or Ibah when she started losing her 'debotness'. We couldn't really get along because of our age difference and plus, I left home for boarding school when she was 6. But we're just the same. We both like cute and girly stuffs, enjoyed drawing and coloring very much. She'll always admire my stuffs and so do I. And...

...we both look alike! =D

And today she made the whole family proud; she scored 5A's in her UPSR! =) Alhamdulillah. She really made us happy. You can't imagine how worried we all were since the day she told mak that she felt like she'd done a careless mistake in her Maths! Everyone knows how careless she is but today, we are all relieved for this great news! :)

Love you dear!

3 commentaire:

ieQaH~FieQa said...

fad...ckp kat dibah..tahniah!!!hee...mke ko ngan adek ko sbijik!

ikanriang said...

mihihi! biasela, si adik hanye akan ikot muke akak kalo muke si akak tu kiut je :D
kalo tak, takdenye nak same :D

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