Sunday, February 07, 2010

Resigned with Honour

It is something relieving knowing that I have some values in me. Values that I know I really deserve them. Values that I get from my own effort. Values that I obtained from self-awareness in improving myself. Here are some chronology of my life for the past 2 years.

I was like shy shy cat when I first entered V5.
Yalah, that time I was doing my foundation and yet had to stay with the final year students. Dugdabdugdab jantungku. And I knew that this would be a big problem to me if I didn;t do something with it. Here comes the next point. (does this sound like resolution? lantak kau lah. suka hati aku aku nak cakap apa)

I got an SMS from the V5 Committee saying that I was selected to be the block manager of my Block J
My first reaction after receiving the SMS was : "Mak aih! Tanggungjawab! Sangat tak mahu! Ape klas jadi block manager!" But then I just accepted the post..

Masa pun berlalu..

V5 Chef Gala pertandingan memasak.. Futsal Fiesta for Charity bersukan sambil kumpul dana untuk Aman Palestin.. V5 Raya Dinner beraya sakan 2009.. V5 Raya Fiesta beraya sakan jugak 2008.. Mathronicamp ajar kanak2 maths.. V5 Artfest pertandingan kesenian etc.. V5 Tarik Fiesta pertandingan tarik tali..

and many more..

But this time, realising that I have the power to do a change in V5Sr and in V5, I tried to be futuristic. I have everything planned from promotion, recruitment and at the same time, managing an event.

And tonight I'm proud to say that;
1) I have no fear handling a meeting.. Within these 2 years, I'm happy realizing that I don't startle when I have many eyes focusing on me, listening to what I'm saying.
2) Most proudly, I can handle a meeting in English too. Yeah, I'm proud of this. Being proud knowing that I'm no a coward anymore. Have a convincing level of confidence.
3) I learn to organize things. Organization isn't about 'buat suka hati'.. It's all about good plans. With good plans, you can do everything well.

After all, these are all my weaknesses that I planned to improve for the past 2 years..

And now I'm retiring from the highest post of the organization, with many improvements in me.

I'm labeling myself as : Retired with honour

And of course, I'd like to thank my friends, Ima Ai Naila Syima Uyun for staying this far. I can't do everything alone. Thank you so much :')

I'm a risk taker, I know.
And I love to challenge myself, that's me.
I love complications, for I believe that I can learn something from the effort I put on it.

I can't stay put, I don't like to be an inert.
Oh, I just love myself.
I'm happy with what I did, and for what I am.

Rector, Director, fellows in Raya Dinner 2009

Raya Dinner 2009

With comittees, Raya Dinner 2009

Raya Fiesta 2008

Da la tuh. gamba lain tgk fb V5

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mrs camillo said...

nape aku nanes bace post nie? -aduh~-

Hanim Salleh said...

Happy for you dear sis :D
I am proud of u :D