Saturday, February 27, 2010

All About Your Brain


When I was in high school, there were 2 physiological topics that I was most interested in; the brain and the heart. These two organs were never dead since the first day we were born. I was fascinated by the multitasking ability that the 2 organs have. For the brain, it's like miracle right, when you see things and your brain can interpret what you're seeing. For instance, when you see a plant, your brain can straight away tell you the name of the plant, the colour of the flowers, and the tastes of the fruits (whenever you see one), and even reminisce the memories you once had with the plant. This is something amazing - in fact, it is more than just amazing =) And let's thank Allah for this great creation. Alhamdulillah.. Subhanallah..

And last week, in UTP we were having IRC Carnival and there was a book fair - my greatest interest, though I know I don't really have much time to read books for other than academic purposes. Walking by the piles of book was fun, especially the ones with 50% and 70% discount signs (I have a bad habit in buying books - just buy whenever it's cheap. You can spend the rest of your life with the books, Fad). I came across with this book; Building Left Brain Power by David Gamon & Allen D. Bragdon.

The hard-cover version of the book. I bought the paper-back version; cheaper at RM10.50 after discount. After reading the Introduction I think I would rate this book 10/10.

I had a number of friends who asked me; "You're a right-handed. Nape nak beli buku for left-brain power pulak" when I showed them the book. The answer is simple; the 'right-handed' simply defines that the physical-control ability is always overtook by my left-brain, as I use my right hand more often than the left. But that is just physical-control. The other part of my left brain needs training too :)

The answer for your other WHY's are simply:

1) I feel like the book is stimulating my brain. It is equipped with good diagrams for my brain.
2) The book contains mental exercises - good for positive emotions
3) Can help to improve one's problem-solving abilities
4) The writer is good in creating an interactive communication through his writing. I feel like having the authors in front of me - telling the stories about the brain
5) I don't wanna have alzheimer at young age - don't wanna have this at all; as long as I breathe

and that is how I decided to use my brain well, efficiently. So I bought the book. It's cheap moreover :D

Itu je lah yang nak diceritakan. Pasal buku baru. Hehe. But I somehow would like to tell you an interesting part from the book.

Corpus-callosum severe test

Definition : Corpus callosum is the main bundle of nerves binding the left and the right part of the brain

How to : Say you're holding a pencil in your left hand out of your sight (your right-brain that controls the left-hand movement is aware of this). If your corpus callasum is severed, the right-side of your brain can't simply communicate with the left (left brain usually controls speech) and this makes you can't TELL someone what's in your left hand. But if you are shown a series of pictures, your LEFT hand would simply points the to a picture of pencil.

Yeah, I know it takes you to read this phrase more than once to understand. But it's amazing to see the connection between your hands and you brain right? This is just the Introduction of thee book meh, still long way to go. But I'll write more on my progress and findings from this book :D

But this shows 0.0000001% of how your brain works.

And proves 0.0000000000001% (simply goes infinite) of Allah's greatness.

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