Friday, April 17, 2009

Get Yourself a CyberSpeed

Internet bandwidth upgraded

Dear all,

Kindly be informed that the Internet bandwidth has been upgraded on 13th. April 2009 and it is running concurrently with existing 8Mbps leased line. This transition period will run for a month (13/4/2009 until 13/5/2009) until we satisfy with the performance. The 8Mbps bandwidth will be cut off and wireless services will be withdrawn in stages once the new bandwidth is stable. During this transition period, you may experience some improvement on the performance, fast response for internet browsing or even disturbances or interruption to the services due to fine tuning that will be carried out from time to time. Hence, we are expecting your feedbacks on any matters related to this exercise before we could firm up on the rules, guides or policy based on the pattern and requirements of the utilization.

Kindly forward your feedback to our helpdesk at ext 8888 or email to helpdesk

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.


ITMS Department.


Dear ITMS Department,

I gladly report that I now can update my blog regularly with fast response during publishing my new entries. You really make me feel like being in a TECHNOLOGY institute with the performance of the current bandwidth. And I feel amazed when my search engine got me the information that I seek for within seconds. It is hoped that you will keep cheering us up with this kind of fun blended with high-technology. Thank you.

P/S : I love you


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mrs camillo said...

yup2x hurrey!

Hanim Salleh said...

Mmmm boleh lah baca blog Nor slalu.... yippie!