Thursday, March 19, 2009

What the hell is wrong with you?

Sat, March 14 - I went back to my sis' last weekend, spending and had a good time with her. There's nothing that I'd like to highlight here but this ONE thing. ONE thing that annoys me very much. ONE thing that I hate to see very much. And ONE thing that makes me feel ashamed as well. Here goes the story.

Me and my sis were on our way to Kak Na's when this hell-like thing happened. We were stuck in a traffic jam, but it wasn't a bad bad one la. Just the one that you will forget by talking to someone or listening to JJ and Rudy's. But then came the most annoying sound in such a situation: a car honk; which I would classify as terrible, horrible and marble. Grrrr. I just hate that sound very much lah! If I have a car factory la kan, I would have my cars designed without honk. Why on earth should we have a noise-maker for a car?? Err, let's get back to our story.

The green car is my sis', the gray is a van, and the black is a Kenari. The one that honked was the Kenari, driven by a dude and the van was driven by an old man in his 50's I guess. The van hit the Kenari and the dude got pissed off and he started babbling to the old man with a very annoyed face. As the traffic flowed further, the dude got out of his car, acting like a street hero and went to the van which was just right behind him. He SHOUTED to the old man and of course, in an unpleasant way. Then he got back to his car and drove a little bit further and again, he stopped and so did the old man. Next was the most unwanted scene that I would wish to see; the dude scolded the old man, just like a samseng.

I felt pity to the old man cause he seemed so scared. He didn't talk back. If I were the old man la kan, my heart would shrink to the size of a pea, and of course la I won't have the nerve to talk back! Me and my sis were pissed off seeing that drama; that bloody awful drama. It made my blood boils seeing a YOUNG MAN scolding and shouting at the old man in such a terrible way! He had no sensibility at all! It is well understood that most people will get annoyed when their car got hit but can you PLEASE respect the elders?

Hish. Sangat sakit hati lah! Tak larat nak cerita panjang lebar!

To that not-so-cool dude, there's something that I'd like you to know. First, you act like a hero, but the real fact is, I see you as the MOST TERRIBLE PERSON ON EARTH cause you chose such a not-so-cool place to be your show stage. You should feel ashamed of this, man. Your hair cried, your shirt cried, your pants cried cause they felt so embarrassed being watched by hundreds eyes on the road in such a not-so-cool drama! Even your underwear cried, man! What, you think people would give you a tabik spring for acting that way la eh? Well you can go to the Mars or Jupiter if you take this as yes. I'd suggest you to go to the Pluto. Erm, the Sun would be the best place for you anyway. I can't accept the way you acted la dude! It was horrible terrible and marble! And one thing that I keep wondering bout you la kan, kalo ye pun you can't respect the elders, could you please respect the people of YOUR OWN RACE? Answer me, man! Answer me!

P/S : I actually have the photo of this scene but unluckily, due to the kebodohan internet kat utp ni, I've accidentally deleted the pic! And I've wrote this post a long time ago but only now can I have this entry published! Grrrrr

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