Sunday, March 01, 2009

Futsal Fiesta for Charity

18, 21 & 22 February : I never thought that these 3 days were gonna be hectic for us the V5SR members. We prepared the paperwork for 2 days and set everything for the event just in 4 days. We hurried here and there to get the approval for our event, and when we're rejected for something, we need to hurry lagi to make our request approved. Senang cakap there were so many things that we went through termasuklah sakit hati, sakit kepala dan tekanan perasaan.

*Kalau dikenang kali pertama meeting dengan SRM n MPP, memang aku rasa nak gigit-gigit kertas je. But things had change ;)

This event was actually planned by V5SR to launch our new basketball and futsal court in V5. But Sekretariat Rakan Muda of UTP and MPPUTP pun nak buat benda yang sama waktu tu. We had no choice but to collaborate with them and as a result, the student bodies that finally collaborate in this event were:

1) Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar UTP (MPP)
2) Village 5 Student Representive (V5SR)
2) Sekretariat Rakan Muda UTP (SRM)
3) Robocon UTP
5) Electrical and Electronic Engineering Student Society (E3SS)

Banyak kan? Tapi apa yang menyedapkan hati adalah we had a big number of participating teams registered for the fursal tournament. We had 42 teams coming from different residential college, countries and races. We sweat bagai orang gila siang malam ensuring a number of 106 games conducted properly in just 2 days! Ini membawa makna bahawa Futsal Fiesta for Charity had become the most successful sports tournament ever held in UTP and as a part of the organizing committee, I felt very proud of the sukses dan sukses! Tambahan pula, kami turut berjaya mengumpul kutipan untuk didermakan kpd Aman Palestin =)

Let's have a look at the pics! ;)

18 Feb : Our Rector, launching the basketball court.

The early birds are playing in the clouds!

Heroes of the Event : SRM.

Hotties of the Event : V5SR. Always hot! Lagi-lagi orang yang pegang tray tu! ;p

Pinky of the Event : Fad dan Shiha kaki pink! Sangat suke suruh orang lain pakai baju pink! ;p

Waktu launching je tak pakai baju pink. Ngengenge. We spared the Merah yang Jambu for the tournament! ;)

This is our new court. Thanx to UTP for this great gift! =)

Saya mewakili V5SR ingin mengucapkan berbanyak terima kasih pada smua komiti Futsal Fiesta for Charity ni. Korang mmg da bomb! ;0

Credits to Syaza, Firin, Pundak n Jaa for the pics ;)

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mrs camillo said...

chayyok fad!!!! ;) i noe u can do it. kak nim musti bangga ngan kau.
mak abah pun! ;)

Hanim Salleh said...

mmm... ingat...pointer tu...
Bangga2 gak... kalau dapat 3 lagi bangga :D