Sunday, March 01, 2009

Drilling Engineering Lab

Ini choke manifold namanya.

February 19 - Had a drilling lab on this day, and I was sooo excited bout it as I'd read the manual and did some extra reading on the topic ;)

I had 5 others in my group and they were all boys but working with them was not really a problem for a pemalu girl like me as they're kinda easy to go with (^_^)

Now here goes the unofficial lab report for this experiment, specifying the job scope of a choke control console operator (choke is like a valve where you let your unwanted fluid to flow through. This choke is only functioning during kick, where your drilling mud comes with gases or other type of formation fluid. At this time, you aren't ready for any hydrocarbon production yet).


Objective :
-To understand and to see how things really work on the platform.
-To gain a high and multi spirit to be a drilling engineer.
-To make mistake while working with the consoles and see the results.
-To identify those who make mistakes.

Procedure :
1) Start the drilling console and start drilling by driving your drill bit deeper and deeper.
2) The lab technician will make your well penetrated by gas, indicating that you have encountered a kick.
3) Run and save your life. Eh. No. Use your brain how to overcome the kick.
4) Choke operator moves the lever to open the choke. Note: when the choke operator adjusts the choke correctly, the mud and kick fluids flow out, but no more kick fluids enter the well because the back-pressure held by the choke prevents more formation fluids from entering.
5) See the result lah.

The kick occurred twice.

- The kick was not supposed to happen twice. This might happen due to the mistakes that the choke operator did. Kisah sebenarnye camni. As he/she was moving the lever, he/she suddenly confused of which direction should he/she move the lever. This is not a paralax nor paradox error, but a parapid error. Note: Parapid is the synonym of stupid.
- As the choke operator failed to adjust the choke correctly, the back-pressure wasn't held well and this had caused the formation fluids to enter the well due to the high pressure difference.
- The choke operator is a female.

- The choke operator should be fired as soon as possible to prevent any blow-out.
- The choke opearator is Fado.


4 commentaire:

ieQaH~FieQa said...

alololo syg..mke ape tuh..syg..i tau u akn jd petroleum engineer yg hebat kan???1 kaki u tuh..adalah kaki i..n u tlg pijakkan kaki i tuh diUTP..saye syg awk~~~

ikanriang said...

sayang awk jugak :)
kaki saye lagi sebelah ade kat auckland.

mrs camillo said...

aku penat tol..
tulis2 tbe2 error.

fad, jgn mrh dah~
n aku sumpah, aku tak tekad tamo kelas ngan kau na naek f5 dulu.


pantang2 byk sgt~;)

ikanriang said...

uu kalo back kan leh jumpe page yg before tu?
sian kamu.

tape2, saye tau awk MMG NAK SGT sekelas ngan saye dulu.
saye mmg klasmate idaman sume org :) :)