Sunday, October 19, 2008

V5 Raya Fiesta: Raya Dinner

So here's the story of our Raya Dinner. It was held at Undercroft in Chancellor Complex. Our committee had worked very hard for this dinner. Preparing paperwork, seeking for sponsors, doing roadshows etc just for this very night. And what I can say is: our work did pay. We had fun last night and the most important is: the event ran smoothly just as what we had planned.

I was in purple that night and as I entered the hall, I was quite shocked when I saw there were so many people attending the dinner were in purple too! When Zai offered me to wear her purple baju, I thought that would be the best as purple is rarely to be seen. But that was OK somehow, as we were called Lucky Purple as there were many 'purple's that won the lucky draws ;)

Here's how the night went yesterday:

Registering for the night.

The committees were waiting for the VIPs. It was an awkward feeling when you used to sit in a meeting with the committees around you wearing lousy shirt and jeans but suddenly you see them in baju melayu. Did they feel the same way too?

Dr Naufal giving a speech while my stomach was singing Hungry song.

Dr Naufal officiating the night with the help of one of the robots from Robocon. A funny incident happened when the robot went off before Dr Naufal had the chance to take the lemang carried by the robot. Dr Naufal got panicked then, and so did the others on the stage :D

Then we had 3 performances by the invited kids from a nearby orphanage, Oliver of UTP and a band, also from UTP. I didn't know why, but I was so touched seeing the faces of the kids. I wondered how do they live without their beloved ones. I nearly cried, thanking to Allah as I still have my Mak and Abah. The top 2 person in my life. Thank you Allah :)

Hm. We also had some awards for the best dressed male and female, and a special award of Romeo & Juliet. We intended the Romeo & Juliet Award to be given to the couple that wears of course la the same tone colour of baju, the most romantic and bla bla bla. But we the committee finally agreed on this male-male couple from Chad that wore their white traditional suit. They were just like a twin; the only difference was that their faces weren't really alike. But the thing is, I felt pity to them as they got a couple of TEDDY-TIGERs for the award (and I'm not really sure whether to laugh or be sad for this feeling. Haha) As the dinner ended I took a chance to take some pictures with them ;)

They looked cute holding the TEDDY-TIGER in their hands :p

Mr Irwanshah, one of the male fellows in V5. He looked so cute with that TEDDY-TIGER :p (You won't believe me when I say that the childish face at the center of this pic is owned by an executive of the UTP Resource Center)

Ngehehe. Mr Irwanshah and Dr Naufal (both are V5 fellows)

HPE stands for Happy Petroleum Engineers! :)

The night walked, and the girls got crazy-crazy lala =)

P/S : The Secretary wants to thank everyone in the committee for struggling hard to make this event possible :)

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