Sunday, October 12, 2008

Raya: The Journey and the Day

I went back home a little bit late, which was on Sunday. I never thought of riding a train before, but for this holiday, I felt like trying it once. Voila. Here's my ticket.

I bought it online, with the help from my part-time mom, Kak Nim.

Departed at 0500, arrived at 1404 means the ticket didn't lie to me. Ehe. A tiring journey, forgotten when I kissed Mak and Abah. As I reached home, Kak Na, Abg Wadi and Kak Nim were already there, of course with Alif Tisya and Baby Arif. Abg Fir arrived bout two days late, as he had to take care of her sick mom. Now. Raya story. People, now I'm presenting the pics, hope you understand why =D

Handsome young guys in our family, ready for Raya prayer. As Abah is too far handsome, he can't be in this picture :D

Now let's see the hottest guy in this family for this Raya. It's Baby Arif!!! See, everybody wants to take picture with him!

Aunty Ida and Baby

Mama Nim and Baby

Mama and Baby

Papa Fir and Baby

Tok Bah and Baby

Ehehe. So cute that boy. Baik pulak tu. Just like his aunt. Ehehe. O people. Then on Sunday we had Kak Ida's engagement. She was so HAPPY, and I was HAPPY to see her HAPPY :) Then balik UTP on Salasa. I wished that I were still home~

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