Sunday, October 19, 2008

V5 Raya Fiesta: Family Day

V5 Raya Fiesta, which is organised by V5 Student Representative, runs for a week, starting 12-18 October 2008. We had roadshow during the weekdays. It was a tiring week; though you only have to sit and stare at the people walking in front of you, waiting them to sign up in the activities that you organize. We also did door-to-door promotion in V5, promoting them the V5 Family Day and V5 Raya Dinner. The feedback was quite positive and I'm very sure bout this: they are proud of having an active student representative organization in their residential college :)

Saturday, Oct 18
We had Family Day during the day and Raya Dinner at night. The Family Day was all about having fun in our traditional games- Galah Panjang, Main Guli, Boling Kelapa Tua and Anyam Ketupat. We even had a Mini Futsal, which was a 3 on 3 game. There were 3 teams registered for Galah Panjang but unluckily 2 of the teams had a test on that day so they couldn't play la. 1 team left, and some of the committees had to be their opponent (and I was one of them). I really had fun playing with them. It's like reminiscing all of my old memories with my 2 chubby neighbours 2 naughty neighbours and lots more.

Then we had Boling Kelapa Tua:

Mineral bottles filled with water were used as the bowling pins.

Then we had Main Guli:

Guli Susu (shall I call it Milk Marble?) was used.

Then, Anyam Ketupat:

People, please believe me when I say that most of our Anyam Ketupat contestants are guys ;)

And here, I have some behind-the-scene pictures ;)

Dr Naufal, the most sporting advisor on earth (in green) showing the skills on how to be a Jaguh Gasing to a foreign student from Turkmenistan.

And I can't deny the fact that he's really the Jaguh ;)

Seems satisfied huh doc? Well you should meet my moyangs then. See if they'll call you Jaguh or not :p

And we end our day by prize giving. The participants were very happy with their BIG hamper, and I envied them :(

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