Saturday, October 11, 2008

Express Update

It's been a while since my last update. I was tooo busy with this and that, got no time even to turn on my Winamp playlist. So here's the very SHORT update for y'all.

V5 Iftar, Sept 24

Dr Naufal had once suggested us the V5SR members to organize this event as for him, providing food for others is something mulia. Well it's not only for him, everyone does know this. So I challenged myself to try it though I have no experience in organizing such an event before. There were only 4 committees working for this Iftar, with 1 that comes and go (I would say this as VANISH, AND NEVER COME AGAIN. Sorry if you happen to read my blog, but you're treating us unfair)

Back to story. The THREE of us did everything from head to toe (ape ni?) from JB to Kangar. We did look for some donation in Taman Maju, but we somehow didn't collect the donation :) Nga3. Din, Shiha and me sometimes feel lazy-lazy to work on it but thanks to Dr Naufal and Mr Irwanshah who never gave up forcing us :) And Alhamdulillah, we managed to work on it till the end. Most of the V5 residents attended the Iftar and I was very happy to see that. We had ayam, daging, sayur-sayur, bubur lambuk, kuih-muih and sirap. Thanks to Allah, for making this Iftar running smoothly :)

And really forgot to cakap, I was the one who did the poster design :)

Robot on the Road : Sept 8&9

My current interest, robots. We had external exhibitor with us during this 2 days event, which was from Cytron. Cytron is our provider for Robocon, specializing in circuitry and electronics. We bought our motor drivers, circuit board, motors and other appliances from them. I was too excited seeing the new robots (to me) that they brought, complete with enhanced technologies. I owhed and wowed for many times during their robot demo; feels like requesting y'all one for my birthday present :D I really want that robot. That WALkINg RoBoT.

Here are the robots from Cytron. Intelligent and smart. The walking robot is the biggest one while the smallest is the most intelligent.

In front of the exhibition room - people got the chance to try my team's robot :)

We also had RoboRace :)

Interested? Come and join us! :)

COMING UPs...........

V5 Artfest

Currently working on the prizes and evaluation. We had more than 100 entries for both photo and short film. 4 days to go.

V5 Raya Fiesta

Currently working on the promotions. As the secretary, I have to arrange the schedule; who's gonna take in charge for the booth, who's to monitor. But sadly most of the times I had another important thing to do so I can't help them much with the promotion. Sorry for not being there, but deep inside I'm hoping that I'll get to know my other committees :)

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