Saturday, August 23, 2008

R-Play 2 : The Clash of the Titans Begins


Who won't feel nervous for this big day?

Of course la all the robots won't kan. Har har har :)) Funny la you ni Fad!

Be serious. Back to story. For the preliminary round, our group won the first place (hooray!)

All 3 robots worked very very well and we scored big big points.

For the very big day of R-Play 3, aku malas nak cite panjang. Ape yang pasti, fo rthe final match, we beat our opponent 47-0. Lain-lain cite, korang tengok gambar je lah ok?

From left : Awang (not a robot), Autonomous B with gripping and lifting mechanism, and Autonomous A with sayap mechanism at starting zone.

This is the manual robot. I worked on it :)

This is a part of our manual robot. It has a raga to place the ball :)

This is the controller (green) for the manual robot. Believe it or not, we fabricate it ourselves. I did the cutting for the casing. I made the hole for the buttons :) And this is really a unique design for a controller :) Ever seen this in the market? ;)

This was when our Autonomous B (the one with lifting and gripping mechanism) succeeded to place the yellow cube into the pot :) See, everybody was clapping :)

Right after being announced as the first prize winner :)

Bawak robot hirup udara segar kat luar lab after match. Diorang tak pernah jalan-jalan kat luar lab so that day was their pay day. Hehe :)

Feels like going crazy-crazy after 3 weeks of loads of works :)

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