Sunday, August 24, 2008

Convofair : Day 1

Here it comes again. Convofair; the most awaited event of the year. This is the time where all the students would push their books aside and leave their pens uncapped, neglected. They would spend their times in the ConvoSquare, try and explore everything until their body shiver with tire; where, there's no such word TIRING or TIRE or even TIRED during this 3 days event. Same thing goes to me.

Saturday, Aug 22 :
Woke up late.
Update my Friendster, read the Geoscience book a bit and had shower.
Left the house for ConvoFair around 12, walking under the sun with Ima and Syima.
Didn't find anything interesting there but the sand art gerai.
I convinced Ima and Syima that doing sand art would probably cool us off.

Seems like I really enjoyed the sand art cooling activity heh~

My half-way Doraemon sand art. Really nice isn't it? (^_^)

Syima was the first to finish her sand art. Hebat job! Heheh

And I was the second. Really really nice~

Ima the third. And also the last ;p

Next, blood donation.
I don't know why, but the medical officer told me that I was lack of blood and with that, I can't donate :(
My first and last donation was 7 months ago taw :(

Then I accompanied Ima la. Also took her picture while she was donating. Huhu~

I passed this. But not the other one :(

Really want to be in her place. Uh Uh

As Ima still had the energy to walk-walk lagi, we went here:

I was so excited going inside that 'thing', lagi-lagi bila orang yang jaga tu allowed me to cross the divider and took a closer look at the racing car sebab time tu orang tak ramai sangat. He he he he

They even suggested me to hug the tyre. And it was too obvious : I just can't.

Then we went to the motorsports merchandise shop, and it drove me crazy la. Really crazy. And there I bought 3 baju; 1 for me, 1 for Kin and another 1 for Pejul. Wanted to buy 1 for Amy, but I could not find the right size for her. Let's keep the things that I bought for them for another post, but this is what I bought for ME:

And how does it look like when a pretty lady wears it? Keh keh keh

Nice isn't it? I really like this baju :)

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