Sunday, August 24, 2008

R-Play 2 : The Challenge

It's been a while since I last updated this blog as I was waiting for the R-Play 3 pictures from Awang. But the UTP server is always damn slow and I can't even download even a single simple document in my emails without clicking the 'Reload' button for hundred times.

It IS frustrating. I missed merepek and cium-cium my blog. Tapi takpe. I already have the pics ;) Thanx to NAJIB yang sangat-sangat sabar transfer kat aku SUME gambar malam lepas :)

We were given bout 3 weeks lebih sikit to fabricate 2 autonomous and 1 manual robot. Damn crazy. With lectures and other commitments, it sounds impossible to finish fabricating all robots in just 3 weeks lebih sikit. But with the courage that all of my group members have, we managed to finish the robot in time (though we once had Dr Naufal stay with us during the night just to make sure that our robot is working).

But that is what he is; he wants us to be the best. Hm. Back to story. For this R-Play, we have 4 groups with 12-14 members in each group. Half of the group will do the structure and mechanism of the robot while the rest will do the programming and so forth.

But, unluckily (luckily, I'd say), our programmers had a new challenge awaited them : they had to fabricate THEIR OWN SENSORS. It's not just challenging, it's a killing challenge. But my team mates never gave up on their sensors. Najib for instance, spent 2 days to have his sensor working. 2 days is too much for 3 weeks! His great efforts paid him a lot as we managed to have a well-working robot with his sensor :)

Here's the gamefield for the last R-Play 3.

Just to make my explanation brief and short, the manual robot has to shoot all of the cans on the table while the other 2 autonomous robots have to be in the gamefiled, collect all of the checkpoints and score more points by doing the assigned task, which is to place the yellow cube into the tower-with-bowl. Sebagai kesimpulannya, game ni berdasarkan sape cepat dia yang dapat! :)

During the fabricating period, here are some of the problems that my group had faced:
-The sensors weren't working well; which made our autonomous robot went out of track most of the times.
-The string that we used for the lifting mechanism broke EASILY.
-It's hard to aim for the targeted cans as our shooting mechanism uses the projectile motion. Do you get what I mean?

But did we overcome the problems successfully? Read the next post :)

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