Saturday, August 14, 2010

When 2 engineers with different background meet..

.. they just can't get along.

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My lecturer once said, "as an engineer, there'll always be a problem that will stop you and your project. And that problem comes from another engineer, different background from you"

And this just happened yesterday.

My department handles a job execution, aiming to enhance our production from the reservoir. This job requires some chemicals to be dumped deep into the reservoir, and I can say that it's like soaking your stained clothes in clorox. Lebih kurang macam tu la. And we don't use CLOROX la of course. My team in my department has been preparing for the job for quite a long time. We checked the well is OK or not, installed required valves, prepared the workpack etc. And to me, as a trainee, I got hair wired already. Never mind the senior engineers in my team (-_-)

A day before the workbarge (seperti dalam cerita sebelum ini) arrives in location, a team of engineers (with different background from us of course. That's the story here kan) from another department said that "NO, you can't do this job. We found out that the chemicals being used in this job will harm our production. It promotes BACTERIA GROWTH". The moment I read the email, I felt like laughing sudah :D Seperti mahu jawab "O yeah? We never cared about BACTERIA by the way. Harhar. If it gets into the minyak, you refine and refine, get the fuel for your car, and then when you move your car, the BACTERIA will get burned also lah"

Yes, I know that answer was quite bersifat kebodohan but the thing that I'd like to highlight here is; ENGINEERS ARE ALWAYS SELFISH. Like me myself, I never cared about BACTERIA in doing my job (kalau tengok dalam iklan2 kat TV, they are cute hape? So what's the issue? Haha). The only thing that I know is, "Yeyyy lepas job ni habis, kite boleh flow the well, and we can reach our production target! Dan lagi satu, boleh bersenang lenang!". But then I realize, THIS is the real working life in a large organization. You have different people beholding different knowledge from you that will always question and doubt and question you on the things you do. And, they have different aim from you as well. Different aims will always make two opinions from different engineers clash. Betul kan?

So, the lesson learnt is,

As an engineer, try not to only satisfy you and your team. There are another group of people that are care, and concern about the things that you don't. This group of people has no bad intention, it's just that, they're doing their workscope. They make sure everything is safe, abide the company regulations etc. In another words, they're protecting you. Aren't they sweet? :)

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Hanim Salleh said...

Aah very sweet.... so loving :)

fiQ said...

boleh tak nak ckp kau bakteris sbb kau kiut?bleh ke syg?


ikanriang said...

aku memang nak tulis bakteria tu kiut MACAM AKU pun :D