Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Do you think you're hot?

Never. But is being a clown a something hot? Is being a petroleum engineering student something hot? If it is, I AM HOT.

Upload ur favourite picture of you?

Why do you like that picture?

I looked happy, no sorrows. I love that smile (enter bakul carry sendirik!). The picture was actually taken after the closing ceremony of my 8 days-course in PD. Oh lagi satu. Waktu ni zaman kejatuhan empayar jerawat di muke saye tapi sekarang ni nampaknye mereke sedang meniti zaman kegemilangan mereke kembali! Saye kehabisan idea nak pinjam bala tentera dari mane lagi untuk lawan mereke!

When was the last time you ate pizza?

November 27, 2008 di Summit Batu Pahat. Fitri belanje. For my birthday. Hehe. Hehe

The last song you listen to?

1973 by James Blunt

What are you doing right now besides this?

Terkial-kial mencari key untuk ditekan sebab lampu bilik sudah dipadam. Muke berade kire-kire 7cm dari keyboard!

What name would you prefer besides yours?

Mohamed. Hehe. Hehe

People to tag :

Let's change this to: The name of people that you can type in 30secs. Sebab ade orang yang malas nak wat tag termasuklah sume orang.

hanim fitri linda pekot ain wani ipin arai syima naila ai anie

Who is number one?

My beloved sis. When we were both home for Raya Korban holiday, every morning she would knock on my door in the morning and asked: Nor.. Camne orang kampung..
Takpon die nyanyi lagu Sudirman ni: Apa khabar orang kampung..

P/S: She was actually addicted to a game in my laptop and the game is Virtual Villagers. And for the past 6 days that I've been here in UTP for some project, she'd called my twice, asking me the same =D

Number three is having relationship with?

Last thing that I know, is something that I should not write here. Hehe

Say something about number five.

Don't disrupt her when she's driving or else she would shout : Diam diam! Aku tengah drive!

You're taking a risk when you sit next to her when she's driving (worse, when you're her type. tak tau jalan) coz she'll always shout : Mane ni? Mane ni? Kiri kanan?

How about number four?

Injured her leg once and for that, she can't play basketball the way she used to. Sometimes have doubts in every single thing that she does even for the critical one: the future her. That's what I see in her.

Who is number two?

My life partner for the last 3 years and for the coming years. A person that I'm ashamed of to be a perempuan. He can cook well, tidy well, do planting well, care of someone well. He's good in everything that I'm bad at. Even at scolding people :p Beliau juge sekarang merupekan pesakit kaki akibat kemalangan motor demi mengelak seekor kambing kira-kira 5 bulan lepas :(

3 commentaire:

ieQaH~FieQa said...

thanks fad cyg..hope that i made a right decision for my future~~=)
wish me luck..sgalenye>>>kari.. ko tau kan???

Hanim Salleh said...

apa kabo orang kampung?
asyik takde perkembangan jer...

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