Saturday, December 06, 2008

International Petroleum Technology Conference 2008

Instead of my birthday surprise (which I knew weeks ago, but they somehow got me at last), I'm here in KL for another function, which is called International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC for short). This is the second oil and gas conference that I attend in my 2 years studies in UTP (the previous one was organized by the Society of Petroleum Engineer UTP Student Chapter). Everyone was coming from every corner of the globe for the conference!

IPTC was held for 3 days in KLCC, starting Dec 3 to Dec 5. I didn't know bout this conference till a friend of mine advertised bout IPTC at her Gtalk status and I thanked her very much when I discovered that if I were not a student, I had to pay a sum of USD900, which is equivalent to RM 3500 to attend that conference! That is why I really love my 'job' as a student in this expensive industry. Everything was for free, and I would do anything to grab the chance; sacrificing my cuti-panjang-tapi-pendek which makes my holiday to be cuti-extra-pendek.

So what's so special bout this conference?

1) There were about 80 companies participated in the exhibition and I tell you what, here was the place where me and my friends got crazy trying to get the companies' freebies. 4GB pendrives from Saudi Aramco; stylish Vodafone cap and jersey from ExxonMobil when you try their F1 simulator and be the top 10 winner; a digital organiser and calculator from PTT Exploration and Production Public Company of Thailand; belgian chocolates from Chevron; car shades from Baker Hughes; singing magnet, landyard, puzzle cubes and blinking chain from Schlumberger.... oh.. oh.. this list will keep going if I go and check what I've collected for the past 3 days :p

2) Free technical paper work from the participating societies such as the Society of Exploration Geophysists. As a student of petroluem engineering, I need to read a lot on the current technologies used in the industry. I need to fully understand the industry by reading related magazines and paper works. Attending lectures is not sufficient to make one a good petroleum engineer. Reading teh text books is not enough to make you see the real view of the industry. You can't see the problems in your field by just reading your text books. Here is the chance for me to start thinking of final year projects!

3) Expensive foods. I'm not used to go to Dome just to have a cup of coffee, buy a cup of Haagen Dazs when I feel like eating something cold or even to order something with a long name for drinks. But for the past 3 days, I got all these for free!

4) Here I met the industry people, listening to their experience, eyeing on their elegant suits and admiring their communication skills. And from all these, I see the future me (or at least, this is how I want to be in next 10 years' time).

5) There were also technical sessions in this conference where some researchers from the field presented their research and case studies. Frankly, when we (me and friends) got into the presentation room, we could only understand a very small portion of their presentations. We absolutely understand English, but there were some terms that our memory could not recall well what the meanings are. And from this I know la now, attending such a conference makes us know what we should know.

6) iPod. Don't you worry, you didn't read it wrong. It's not Podi the Drill Bit or Dopi your ex boyfriend/girlfriend/pet. It's iPod. Yeah, iPod. True, Schlumberger was giving us 2-3 iPod Touch per day by just listening to their presentation slots and answer the quiz given, and have all the answers correct. And if you're lucky, the iPod is yours. As I was toooo kind and generous, I gave my other friends the chances to win the iPod and voila, they did. Amir got one, and Nahvin also got one. I really hope that my kindness and and generosity will pay off in the next conference by winning an iPhone! :D ( next time, I will be kind no more :p )

Interesting kan? Now I'm looking forward to attend another oil and gas conference coz I really love the industry and plus, I love money. So saya mahu berusaha sungguh-sungguh untuk menjadi seorang jurutera petroleum yang berjaya dan kaya! :D

Future petroleum engineers. Ngeee~

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ieQaH~FieQa said...

love this post!!and terselit rase jeles dlm hatiku..huhu

Nawa said...

oi fad.


i f u want to be a very generous machik

win the ipod and give it to meeeeee!!!

asotoko said...

hoooooooooooooo.... bestnyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

ikanriang said...

sangat sangat best!
to nawa, saye letih jadi seorang yang sangat sangat baik.
sume orang mengambil kesempatan terhadap diri saya.
sehinggakan mereka sapu sume ipod utk diri mereka saja.
lain kali perkara ini sama sekali tidak akan berlaku lagi!

Piggy said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nak nak nak NAKKKKKKKK jugakkkkk

ikanriang said...

i guess i should start shouting this too since sume org menjerit menghendakkan ipod tu.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naakk jugaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

irsyad said...

best nye...

superior said...

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