Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Geology Field Trip

This entry is a bit late, (great apology to Kak Nim :D ) but as I said before, never mind about the date you see above. It's only a decoration with numbers in your blog, just to make your blog looks technically right! =))

Saturday, March 22. My course of 80 students went for trip to I-don't-know-where but not so far from UTP. All I know is, when you pass the front guard post, turn right at the traffic light and go straight. AND one more thing, DON'T SLEEP, as you won't know how to tell the others when they ask you this : how to get there eh? =p

As we reached the site, both our lecturers, APDR Chow and Dr Bernard gave us some briefing on what to find, what to observe, what to measure etc. Their briefing seemed useless to me as my ears my eyes my mind my everything had already been set on the outcrop! (apology to them :p) I couldn't believe my eyes; everything that I saw in book was just before me! Wowo! Once again I don't feel any regret taking Petroleum Engineering as my future career. This is the best choice I ever made in my life. This is the best choice I ever made MYSELF. Once again, MYSELF ;)

Then we got into groups and started to search for interesting site of 10 meters. Zaza and Naila were in my group, and to make our job easier, we did a joint venture with Ima's and a boy's group.

This was the site which attract me at first,

but Ima insisted on finding for another interesting site.

Ehem. Reader, note this : when you hear people saying “jom la cari tempat lain” in a geology trip, this means that they want to go for something more adventurous. They want the higher part of the outcrop. This means that you have to climb the outcrop. And this means that your pants and shoes will get dirty. And all these mean another great experience in your life =)

Finally we found this site :

IT IS an interesting site as what you can see, there are obvious different layers of rocks. But hey, did you know how these different layers are formed? How is an outcrop formed? Well, here’s something for you to get a better picture of the formation.

This is the picture of the earth crust with different(many) layers which is subject to gravitational pressure by the load of overlying rocks and also, other stresses. Then it becomes this :

And due to climate change, the alternating layers of hard and soft sedimentary rocks will be eroded to form :



and many more!

Example of stones found in our site :

You might think this as a decomposed wood kan? But it is actually a type of stone =)

We call this shale stone. The brownish part is caused by iron oxide. This type of stone is typically used to buat cement I guess.

A type of mudstone.

Yellow : sandstone, very fine sand.

And now, picture time!! :D

Agus in gray cap was helping us with the compass.

C'est moi! Taking the sandstone sample.

A graduate assistant (GA) helping us with the task. He's soooo adorable :D

This is what we call joints. Brick-like structure, naturally occur. The ruler as the scale.

Measuring the angle of dip and strike.

Oops! We 'accidentally' destroyed the joints! Haha

Me, Zaza and Naila sebagai Gadis-gadis tukul :D

Everyone was so HAPPY lah!!
The only girls in the huge class (from left) : Ai, Ima and me, Zaza, Uyun, Naila, and Syima =)

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