Friday, February 22, 2008

Geology Class

Today we had Dr Jamaal Hoesni from PETRONAS Research and Dr Arthur Van Vliet from PETRONAS Pmu as our adjunct lecturers. Yeah, as usual straight from 8am to 5pm but I enjoyed the lectures and had fun anyway :)

Dr Jamaal taught us how to interpret this group of data :

The green line indicates the depth where we can find the source rock ;) It was quite a complicated graph/data for us three, but we finally managed to interpret it well and correctly :) What a relief huh..

Then after the lunch break, I found a lalat on Naila's book. It was half-paralyzed by the freezing temperature of the room, I guess.. Because in a sudden the lalat was like lompat-lompat on the book!

(I know that the lalat was not paralyzed then..) This was truly precisely correctly proven when.. the lalat flew away.. Leaving us three in kegelakkan and kepelikan.. The lalat was having a nap, I guess, or it was really paralyzed (fortunately, just for temporary) Lucky lalat. Goodbye to you lalat~

This was the time when I couldn't concentrate on the discussion. Haha!

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