Monday, August 03, 2009

Fattening Agent

The FreeDictionary defines the word fever secondarily as 'a contagious, usually short-lived enthusiasm or craze' and I agree with the definition when it comes to 'craze'. My craze immunity system had been attacked by several types of secondary fever this year and I tell you what, these types of fever come without you noticing it. You'll only notice that you'd had the fevers months after you first infected.

I have a really bad EatEat Fever this year and I only realize it in last June. I've gained weight; 6kg, and that's a lot. My cheeks seem like two pingpong balls attached to my face when I smile. Tu tak termasuk bola pingpong yang da memang sedia ada kat dahi. If you have 6 pax, I have 6 layers but I don't know whether they're thin or thick type. Let's just assume they're thin type la, saje nak senangkan hati.

My room is only 30 steps away from the cafe and that makes changing baju for food's sake and going out at 1am wasn't a big deal to me. Dan hasilnya, naiklah berat 6kg. And worse, I ate a lot during holiday. I'd make sure that I had my meals completely from breakfast to supper though sometimes I had my day started at 12pm or 1pm. By the way, the same thing happened to Fitri. These are what my family commented on him last June (after not seeing him for more than 2 years) :

Mak : Besar kan Fit sekarang..
Kakak II : Sihat Fit tu sekarang eh..
Abg Ipar I : Nor's friend has put on weight..
Adik : Abg Fit da gemuk.. die kene pakai bengkung.

Aku konfem yang lain simpan komen dalam hati je (thanx to Dibah yang gila berterus terang). But that's what makes us both bestfriends. And a couple. Hohe. Kalau keluar same pun mata melilau tengok kedai makan. And we aim for cheap stalls, as we aim to eat everything. Bile story kat Kak Ida yang kitorang makan seharian, die cakap : 'Haa, memang sesuai benar lah tu. Nanti sama2 gemuk.'

But Fitri has obviously gained his weight. Tengoklah ni

This was in 2005.

And this was in 2008. He has that large-sized ball in his tummy. He says it's cute to have that ball inside. Grr


Don't know lah, I eat to much now.

I had 1pin of basking robing last 4 days; shared with 2 others. But I ate most of it.

I had 2 mini magnum last 3 days.

And a minimum of 2 bijik durian kelmarin. Makan buffet dowh

Hmmm. Too much calory and that's not good for your hati and badan and darah and sume bende Fado..

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[amiza a.malik] said...

mkn itu enaks!

fado besau kan tulesan mataku juling
hugs dr PORK dickson =D

ikanriang said...

oh she's here!

see u on saturday!
nak cium gomol2 ko satu bdn kat majlis meedi!

but pleease taya bawak dickson's PORK tu taw!

haaaa excited gile ni!

~izzati amri~ said...

hahaha... apepun, fado tetap comel di mata saya :P

ikanriang said...

org name fado mmg camtu. maseh memanyak :)

(mak kate kalo jiran bg makanan, tak baik pulangkan pinggan kosong. so zati da puji fado, nah amek balik pujian tu)

zati pon zomelzz jugakz


lumut said...

weh!gle gmok fit..

bahagia betul tuh..hehe

rindu kamu syg~~

lumut said...

komen antr ko ngan ayu wat aku jeles nak mati kat sini!!!!!!!

rse nek sepak2 pon ade..haha

ikanriang said...

haha. da penat sound die da, smpi tak larat nak sound da.
die tak mkn saman! die mkn ayam je! huhu