Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I can't remember when this was, but one thing for sure, it's somewhere in the end of January. I don't want to mention his name here as I don't want him to find and read my blog :D

We actually had planned a surprise for him, but he's a real spoiler maa! He made us waiting in the dark for almost an hour! We were all staying inside the lab, having the lights turned off, sitting in silence just to make him think that we're not in. The worse part is, the lab was locked from outside by our President (who was in charge to spy on doc). And the worst thing that made this worse than the worstest, I needed to go to the toilet badly but the door was locked :( I put aside my need and tried to interrupt my thoughts but the eager was toooo great :( Somehow I managed to control myself and let my eagerness out as soon as the door was unlocked. Lega huh~

This is the cake. See the candles.

After a long wait, again, this is the cake. See the candles.

And this is the birthday boy! Seems so surprised.

I'm not sure what to say. Err. This is the surpriser that got surprised by the Doc's surpriseness.

Potong kek!

Suap dan sapu kek!

Ekekeke kek!


Having fun.......

with karao kek! :D

4 commentaire:

ieQaH~FieQa said...

syg fad~~

ikanriang said...

syg pekot jugak..
tanak pekot sedih2 eh..
nanti fad sedih gak..

.::fIsYa::. said...

fad...xaci..kamu ade byk pic upenye..
tp xmo share...
xbek tau..hehehhe

mrs camillo said...

hahaha!!! sian zaza.. gambar nampak obese tapi seb bek kamu buh gambar yg ta nampak sgt~ oh, zaza~ ;) jgn mrh~