Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Visit from Prof Mariaudeau

For the last few days, I've been logging in to my blogger account, clicking on the NEW POST button, and when the blank column appeared, I stared for a while, and simply pushed the X button for the tab. I just didn't know what to write!

Since I'd just got the pics from Mayo, now I can write la. Hihihi.

Last Sunday we had a visit from Prof Mariaudeau of Université de Bourgogne. He was actually here for a visit to UTP, and not us the Robocon members. But since he is also a friend of Dr Naufal's, he was invited to give us a talk on the special masters course offered by his university. Here goes the details on the programe:

1) Named Masters in Computer Vision and Robotics (VIBOT).
2) A collaboration between the Universitat de Girona (Spain), the Université de Bourgogne (France), Heriot Watt University (Scotland), where the collaboration is named Erasmus Mundus (click on the link to view the list of programmes offered).
3) A two-year programme, with each semester you'll be in DIFFERENT country and of course DIFFERENT university. For the final semester, you'll be doing your internship.

Listening to his talk made me grateful to be in Robocon Team cause there's no other way that I can see the beauty of robotics and also for having the chance to see the opportunity ahead. I've always been worrying and thinking of my Final Year Project as I wanna do something that really contributes to my industry (ayat mcm dlm CV je). Something new and an eye-opener. So, I'd think about think it, and I already have it written in my organizer (thanx to ESU Petronas) ;) It's simply a combination of my interests; robotics and petroleum engineering. So, can you read my mind? ;)

This was during the night, in the Robolab. Had a good day that day, for we laughed a lot on his jokes. Lucky for the boys, they even spent the rest of the night watching MU-Arsenal match at kedai mamak! If I were one of the boys and a fan of Arsenal, I'd rather support MU that night for he got no other MU supporters on that night! :p

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Nawa said...

kau tahu tak?

aku kan saje nak test2

aku try IE.ok je.ngan firefox pon ok.haha

nampak na aku tadek keje kan?

Abby said...

Make that a ManU - Chelsea match. And for the record, the RoboGirls were there too, not just boys (how dare you call us boys? Have you ever seen boys using saws and drills?). I wanna commend you for a wonderful blog. Keep it up! PETRObot for life!

In PETRObot we trust,

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