Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rindu OBS dah..

I started missing OBS since the day I woke up on the last day in OBS and it has been nearly 2 weeks now. I miss the sea, I miss my dormitory Jerai, I miss my team mates, I miss the ration drum (that includes the Munchy's sugar cracker for our camping), I miss the voice that told me not to give up paddling, I miss it when my team mates and I sat together in the dark sharing stories, having the torchlight between us to lit the darkness and the wind was cool enough to make us shiver. I miss the whaler that 'whale' me, showing me how beautiful the land is, showing me how wide the sky is, taking me to an unforgettable experience, telling me to be more grateful to the Creator. I miss the kayak that swung me upon the wavy sea, telling me not to afraid of it.

Oh, I just miss everything

Can somebody take me there again?

2 commentaire:

mrs camillo said...


aku rindu main gitar mase OBS

ikanriang said...

waktu kami tade gitar.. maen gitar (even tak reti) dlm hati je lah..