Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pride & Joy

Robocon 2009 Introduction

Each team needs to build 3 robots; 1 manual (Manual Carrier) and 2 autonomous robots, with each named Auto-Traveller and Auto-Carrier. The manual robot and the Auto-Carrier robot would carry a palanquin with the Auto-Traveller placed on it.

They have to travel together climbing the obstacle called Mountain Pass; a 20° inclination path and they have to get down from the Mountain safely to continue the journey. The next obstacle would be the a series of 3 poles, representing the Woods.

The Woods

After succeed crossing the Woods, the Auto-Traveller would be alightened and it is required to hit the drums provided. When a checkpoint is passed, points will be given and the highest points would be at the drum zone (we call it goal zone). If you manage to hit all of the 3 drums, you'll get 100 point and the that's how the game ends!

2 different ways to hit the drums.

This game actually adopts the Japanese transportation system during the old days. The palanquin used in the game is called Kago and that's the term that we use.


The most awaited time had come, where all of the hardwork would be tested in 3 minutes games. From July 4th to July 10th, when most of UTPians were struggling for their final exams, all of the Petrobots member had to sacrifice their study-week for this big competition. It's a tough test for all of us; having an unnegligible competition in the week just right before the exams start. Not to let myself getting mentally stressed, I told myself that this competition would be a vacation for all of us to get rid all of the fears inside.

UTP sent 2 teams to compete in Robocon 2009; UTP Mach 5 and UTP Syntium and I'm in Mach 5 (was, still and forever). Half of Petrobots members departed on July 4th while the rest departed on 7th. My name was in the 7th group so I had some times to do revision for my finals (I spent these times only for Dimensional Analysis ookk). It was a hell-like vacation as I had to pack my notes and books along. I couldn't actually imagine myself revising my notes in a stadium with of course, the noisy crowd but still, I just brought the notes along lah.

The journey to Shah Alam seemed so long with my bad coughs :( And worse, we missed the match between UTP Mach 5 and TakTauApe. Tapi takpelah, UTP Mach 5 scored 98 points in that match and was announced as the winner ;)

Semangat kesukanan wakil UTP

Mach 5 had given the best shots during the preliminary round but it somehow didn't have the luck to be entitled for the quarter final due to some technical problem encountered in the last match. It was so frustrating seeing your robot which you'd just checked the batteries but it suddenly failed to operate when the match started!

Frustrated UTP Mach 5.

And our last hope lies upon UTP Syntium which managed to go for the quarter final...

In the quarter final, UTP Syntium went against USM and I tell you what, the game was hell-like sengit! We scored 25 points with no violation while USM was left with 4 points behind. Ku panjatkan kesyukuran pada Tuhan! Both UTP Syntium and USM teams arrived at the same checkpoints but the only difference was that UTP Syntium didn't have any violations done! Paham-paham je lah, dalam competition camni, macam-macam rule yang kite kene jage. Kalo ade violation, kene tolak 2 markah tiap 1 kesalahan! Isk isk isk...

In the semi final match, UTP Syntium went against MMU Roboforce. Kalo sebut MMU, sume orang gerun. They have the most reliable mechanism for their robots. But I can't understand the mechanism of the robots as the are toooooo complicated! Memang tabik 360° la kat budak2 MMU tu..

Seperti yang diramal, we lost to MMU :) But never mind lah, we lost to the champion maa. Its a GREAT HONOR for us to lose against MMU. Haha! MMU is like legend in Robocon. So, loosing against them is something that will make us smile. Kenangan manis lah senang cakap!

Then in the final match, MMU Cyberjaya went against MMU Melaka. Abang lawan Adik bak kate MC tu but of course la Abang menang! :D UTP won 3rd place. The best achievement gained in its history in Robocon and I'm very proud being one of the team!

Inilah kami yang excited dapat no. 3. Mengalahkan orang yang menang 1st place! =D

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